Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Government (and mainstream media) is controlled by enemies of the 99%, both foreign and domestic

(above chart on right: the U.S. spends more on BOMBING than all other countries in the world combined, and half the U.S. budget is BOMBING vs health care, education, and all public domestic spending combined. austerity is about increasing the BOMBING $$$ and cutting the PUBLIC $$$. click on the chart on the upper right to enlarge in a new window)

I can only come to one conclusion based upon the non-stop barrage of treasonous legislation continually put forward by congress and signed by the president, the non-stop wars, all of it against 99% of U.S. citizens' interests: our government is in control of U.S. enemies both foreign and domestic.

You can click on each one of these individually, all of this legislation is AGAINST 99% of U.S. citizens, and is FOR only the 1% enemies of the 99%, enemies both foreign and domestic.  :  NDAA, HR347, The Patriot Act, NDRP, SOPA, CISPA, ACTA, HR658, and was written by enemies of 99% U.S. citizens and enemies of the United States.

The U.S. mainstream media is controlled by these same enemies, as they totally ignore all of the above legislation from it's creation to it's signing into law by our criminal government, containing "politicians" who are most likely being blackmailed and selected, not elected, for office on unverifiable, hackable electronic voting machines and optical scanners. They have NEWS BLACKOUTS on all of this. These "politicians" are well described by Gerald Celent: politics is acting for ugly people. They "act" like they're getting elected by vote and they "act" like they have the interest of the 99%. But they represent 1% globalists both foreign and domestic.

If you were an enemy of the U.S. OR being blackmailed by enemies of the U.S., you would write laws EXACTLY LIKE THE ABOVE, non-stop. And write NO LAWS that benefit the 99% of Americans. It doesn't matter if it's Republican or Democrat. Obama = Bush = Clinton = Bush II = Reagan. The same agenda marches forward: cutting domestic public spending while increasing bombing and continuing non-stop wars, destruction of the environment by fracking, nuclear disasters, and oil spills, and letting the 1% banksters and war profiteers off the hook. NONE OF THIS IS IN THE INTERESTS OF THE 99%!

It's a HEIST! A heist of the 99%'s money to the 1%, and the heist of the United States itself as a country. They keep you distracted with fake news and entertainment by the U.S. media, while ignoring all important news. You have to get important news from other sources either on the internet or from news from other countries.

When I point out the treasonous acts that Republicans and Democrats and Obama are doing, you can easily replace Obama with Bush or any of the last presidents. It's not a left/right or Republican/Democrat thing. That's to keep you distracted. They are all in lockstep on all of these things mentioned above. Just look up the legislation and the votes. It's BI-PARTISAN, and they want you to think there's a difference between them. When they move their lips, just picture someone else speaking: ENEMIES OF THE 99% OF U.S. CITIZENS BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Do you think Romney will be any different from Obama, as far as wars and unconstitutional legislation? Was Obama any different than Bush? Was Bush any different than Clinton? Was Clinton any different than Bush II? Was Bush II any different from Reagan? The GAME is to get you to take sides, Republican or Democrat, choose Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore, and never realize they're ALL ON THE SAME SIDE: OF THE 1% ENEMIES OF THE 99% U.S. CITIZENS, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Everything's OK, as long as you're talking about gay marriage, zombies, and the fake election between Obama and Romney. Like the fake election of Romney during the GOP primary, which Ron Paul obviously won. You could see it with your own eyes, based on comparison of the crowds, followers, and enthusiasm of only ONE SIDE: RON PAUL's side.

What will it take to prove this to you? Romney getting "elected" (wink wink) and nothing changing as far as wars, austerity, wall st, etc...??? The 1% enemies of the 99% U.S. have ALREADY WON, because it's Obama vs Romney. Just like Obama vs McCain, Kerry vs Bush, Gore vs Bush, etc...they will all carry forward the foreign and domestic 1% agenda against the 99%. You have to kick it up a notch, get above the "left/right" fake paradigm, and get up to the REAL fight: the 1% vs the 99%, the rich vs the poor, the haves vs the have nots, the wealthy/murderous/psychopath 1% vs the rest of us. YOU vs THEM & their mainstream media and unimportant distractions.

Hillary Clinton is a domestic enemy of the 99%, if she's going on TV saying we need to now attack Syria, Yemen, and Iran, while imposing AUSTERITY on us.

Pennsylvania governor Corbett is a domestic enemy of the 99%, if he's going on TV and saying we have a "budget crisis" and must impose AUSTERITY on the citizens of Pennsylvania, all the while NOT TAXING THE FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRACKERS. Just like in California, they are hiding a SURPLUS OF TRILLIONS on the taxpayers, and claiming they need to IMPOSE AUSTERITY. Is that happening here in Pennsylvania, and we don't know it? If you're going on TV and LYING TO US while imposing AUSTERITY, you are an enemy of the 99% U.S. citizens. Gov Corbett could easily say, "If you're coming into OUR state making $$$ from China, Oklahoma, Texas, etc...WE are going to get something out of it for OUR Pennsylvania citizens". But instead, Gov Corbett says we are having a "budget crisis" and wants to cut more public funding which benefits Pennsylvanians. So who does he work for? Not us!!!

Our two reps Barletta and Marino CONSISTENTLY VOTE AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION, after campaigning as "Tea Party" patriots who are "constitutionalists". Why is this? Do reps get a "talking to" when they win, and someone says, "OK, here's who we REALLY work for: enemies foreign and domestic"??? Laughably, Barletta actually QUOTES THE CONSTITUTION today in a letter in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. What a hypocrite! Also, he doesn't mention anything about outsourcing jobs to immigrants with H1-B VISA's. So, he's for the Constitution on one specific issue: illegal immigration, and is AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION ON ALL OTHER ISSUES. Just look at his votes I documented in the Barletta/Marino link above.

I have to say, this government, from top to bottom, from local to state to federal, EITHER PARTY...IT ISN'T WORKING!!! And the fake elections DO NOTHING! Nothing is going to change, if either Romney OR Obama is in there. We're going to keep cutting domestic public spending that benefits the 99% of us, and continue funding wars and wall st and the wealthy 1%. It IS "class warfare"!!! Their media, like Rush Limbaugh, slaps you right down when you say "class warfare". That's no accident! We could ALL in this country, be covered by health care, our kids could get out of college without massive debt they'll be paying the rest of their lives, and we could stop murdering millions of people around the globe.

Locally in the media? The latest distraction from all of this extremely important information above is the Jerry Sandusky trial. That's all we hear around here. So the latest distraction shift was ZOMBIES -> JERRY SANDUSKY. What was the last distraction shift in the media? You can talk about ANYTHING...just not about NDAA, HR347, The Patriot Act, NDRP, SOPA, CISPA, ACTA, HR658. This is why network news is losing viewership and readership. People in general, and growing everyday, are on to how the mainstream media serves as a distraction for the 1% foreign and domestic enemies, so you don't pay attention to what they're doing. While YOU are busy following the Jerry Sandusky trial, THEY are passing the next treasonous law like the above laws I mention. The media could EASILY cover NDAA, HR347, The Patriot Act, NDRP, SOPA, CISPA, ACTA, HR658...but instead cover ZOMBIES and Jerry Sandusky and RIDICULE people who realize what is extremely more important.

So, I ask you this: if a bunch of treasonous, blackmailed politicians (and judges) pass an unconstitutional law on a piece of paper further destroying this country, does it mean anything? Should we disregard these laws?

Should WE have to continue paying TRILLIONS of dollars murdering people non-stop in foreign countries? As the media sets up the next enemy in the "news" on behalf of the 1% foreign and domestic enemies of the 99% U.S. citizens?

How are the ZOMBIES and the Jerry Sandusky trial doing?

UPDATE to my rant: I can post DAILY, (DAILY??? heck, HOURLY!!! I just found these 3 since yesterday!!!) these laws which they keep proposing that attack our liberties and give them more power. Fresh today, HR2578, the DRONE ZONE BILL, written by enemies of the 99% U.S. citizens by the 1% enemies both foreign and domestic, proposed by a blackmailed, controlled congress:

House Considers ‘Drone Zone’ Bill To Roll Back Dozens Of Environmental Laws Within 100 Miles of U.S. Borders


House Committee Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

MORE, ALL not covered by the mainstream media, of course. Are you worried at all? Does it worry you that congress NON-STOP keeps proposing laws DAILY to destroy this country, as if they're being blackmailed and it's being written by foreign and domestic enemies??? The two above and this one below I found since JUST YESTERDAY when I wrote this post! How can they get away with this? Because the mainstream media doesn't cover it, they're covering ON PURPOSE, ZOMBIES and Jerry Sandusky. They can EASILY cover all of the things in this post. Hey, I CAN, then so can THEY, and they're SUPPOSED TO, not ME. I really can't believe this, they just won't stop. And don't forget, OBAMA = BUSH = ROMNEY = CLINTON = DADDY BUSH = REAGAN NEVER VETO any of this:

Loophole in Law May Allow Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

LAST POST: U.S. and Israel Governments: Insatiable Bloodthirty Psychopath 1% Murderers want Syria & Iran next (and Yemen)

PRIVILEGE (by plunger)

Another one of those words that need to be officially defined under the law.

They will never provide solid definitions that can put themselves and their privileged co-conspirators in a box that would force them to be subject to the very laws they impose upon us, the underprivileged.

This is ALL part of the same extra-constitutional conspiracy to intentionally cause terror and mayhem flowing from the directly-related 9/11 events - sufficient to destroy the laws and the Constitution of the United States. Every single member of Cogress and the Senate knows how guilty they all are, and on whose behalf this charade is playing out.

One need only study that Builderberg influence chart and look at the CFR's influence at the top left of that diagram to recognize that NOTHING happens in this country that is not directly ordered by them, or in recent years - ordered by them and David Rockefeller at the behest of Netanyahu - who is blackmailing all of them for their direct and indirect role in 9/11.



Here's the PROOF that the U.S. mainstream media is doing their job of keeping people DUMB, the latest distractions are ZOMBIES and Jerry Sandusky: Anthony Antonello, my good friend and the best local journalist, asks Romney fans about NDAA when Romney came into our area. NONE OF THEM knew anything about NDAA. One Romney fan says it was "OK" to kill a U.S. citizen (I suppose it's because he had an Arab-sounding name) without due process just on the SAY SO of the president and the politicians are "pretty smart people" and we should TRUST their judgement (not a jury's), the lady at the end experiences an EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN when Anthony explains NDAA to her, she's against it, but then Anthony tells her that Romney is FOR NDAA:

The Military, Mass Protest and the NDAA Indefinite Detention

Is the Secret War in Yemen and Somalia Secret No Longer? Obama openly described ‘direct action’ – military operations – in both Yemen and Somalia.

War business is BOOMING, amid cuts to public spending on U.S. citizens.

The imperial agenda of the US's 'Africa Command' marches on. With mission accomplished in Libya, Africom now has few obstacles to its military ambitions on the continent

Obama's six-point plan for Global War

Medal of Dishonour: US veterans dump awards outraged by endless wars -

The Dishnourable John McCain calls a rep from the USS Liberty a "jerk": the USS Liberty was purposely attacked by Israel as an attempted false flag to blame Egypt in 1967, but it didn't sink and there's been a media and government cover up ever since:

McCain wants MORE WAR...now with Syria!!!


Treasonous Joe Lieberman, speaking on behalf of enemies of U.S. citizens both foreign and domestic (Israel in particular), wants tougher crackdown on whistleblowers outing them and traitors like Joe Lieberman:

Treasonous U.S. mainstream media, speaking on behalf of enemies of U.S. citizens both foreign and domestic, wants more war:

U.S. Military being used as Government-Paid Missionaries

Continual proof that the mainstream media ignores important stories as cover for the 1%: these HUGE anti-government/anti-austerity protests are going on RIGHT NOW in Canada and Mexico, TOTALLY BLACKED OUT BY THE CORRUPT U.S. MEDIA:

The largest public protests, rallies and demonstrations that the world has ever seen are happening right now - with almost no media coverage. Not only is there a blackout on these events in the media, but youtube is frequently removing footage of these mass rallies and events when requested to do so by governments: 'Google, the owner of You Tube, has complied with the majority of requests from governments, particularly in the United States and the UK, not only to remove You Tube videos, but also specific web search terms and thousands of “data requests,” meaning demands for information that would reveal the true identity of a You Tube user.' These events are truly inspiring and should be front page news! Yet mainstream media is working with governments to keep people uninformed and disempowered. The 1% WORLDWIDE are transfering all the $$$ from the 99% to themselves, and claiming "we need AUSTERITY". How do you think these words get into our lexicon? If not by the 1% and their corrupt mainstream media? Do you think WE just started saying: "AUSTERITY" ourselves, for absolutely no reason? They're HIJACKING our money!

Google Inc. is back in the news this week, with a fresh round of headlines about the search giant and government censorship. Ironically--though perhaps not surprisingly for the corporate media--the stories are not about Google's admitted but classified relationship with government agencies like the NSA, though. Instead, they portray the internet company as a protagonist sticking up for users' privacy rights against governments that are increasingly interested in blocking, scrubbing or banning links, search results, and online videos that those governments want to suppress:

Rush Limbaugh's Long War On American Workers on behalf of the 1%:

64 Drone Bases on U.S. soil.

Drone me down on the killing floor

CIA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Drone Attacks Obama Brags About

Drones Are OK To Spy On OTHERS...but not ME!!! poll

The Banksters get away with ANOTHER HEIST, as JPMorganChase CEO Jaime Dimon flashes his PRESIDENTIAL CUFFLINKS to his buddies on the Senate Banking Committee to remind them he has friends in high places, which are probably worth more than your unemployment and foodstamps they're trying to cut...another "inside job" investigation, like Corzine:

THE YARDBIRDS featured on guitar, in this order: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and then Jimmy Page. At times, Beck and Page were in the Yardbirds at the same time. Tragically, lead singer Keith Relf died in a bizarre electrocution accident. Eric Clapton left the Yardbirds to form the supergroup CREAM, and then embark on a successful solo career. Jeff Beck left to form The Jeff Beck Group with at the time unknown Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood which sounded like a precursor to Led Zeppelin, and then onto a solo career. And Jimmy Page left to form Led Zeppelin. All 3 Yardbirds guitarists have acquired cult followings from rock guitar aficionados.

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