Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"EVANGELICALS" fight over which MASS MURDERER they will endorse: Santorum or Gingrich; RON PAUL BOOED for quoting the GOLDEN RULE and being against WAR

Above right: Romney, NEWT, Santorum: the MASS MURDERER Republican candidates, with their fake Jesus on the left who also loves war and mass murder.

Take a look at these videos of "evangelical leaders" arguing over which mass murderer they will endorse: Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich, both of whom will continue the Bush-Obama continual state of wars and mass murder of brown-skinned civilians in other countries with trillions of our taxpayer dollars while crying we need to cut public aid with "austerity", instead of saying they will vote for the only RepubliCrat candidate (Ron Paul) who will immediately cease and desist mass murder and continuous war and save us a lot of money in the process:

Who would even want to be an "evangelical", if they endorse mass murder and constant war? They're TELLING YOU that the only candidate who's for peace and not for mass murder is OFF THE TABLE OF DISCUSSION among them. Are YOU an "evangelical"? SHAME ON YOU, THEN! Shame on mass murderer Rick Santorum! Shame on mass murderer Newt Gingrich! Shame on mass murderer Mitt Romney! Shame on EVANGELICALS for only discussing voting for MASS MURDERERS, and the only NOT mass murderer Ron Paul is off the table of discussion among "evangelicals".

WHO WOULD JESUS VOTE FOR? The guys arguing over who wants to be the next MASS MURDERER? Or the guy quoting the GOLDEN RULE?

(below, right: the REAL Jesus, not the fake Jesus at the top of this post)

RON PAUL BOOED FOR QUOTING THE GOLDEN RULE (you may as well BOO Jesus himself):

There's no doubt in my mind, that if Jesus came down right now, we'd kill him again.

There's only ONE RepubliCrat that JESUS would vote for: RON PAUL, the only NOT MASS MURDERER RepubliCrat candidate (BDBB Jan 5)

Since IGNORING Ron Paul hasn't worked, the mainstream media will now cover him as a RACIST, ANTI-SEMETIC, HOLOCAUST-DENYING, TERRORIST-LOVING CONSPIRACY THEORIST (BDBB Dec 25)

Evangelicals for NEWT (BDBB Dec 13)

Local radio shill WILK's Steve Corbett spends two days attacking Ron Paul for something about airline tickets:

Paul's flights fly in face of cut-spending theme

Above: WILK's Steve Corbett...rattled, feathers ruffled, made no sense.

Steve Corbett is a self-proclaimed liberal who, for the 2008 election, voted for and relentlessly pushed McCain/Palin. Does it make any sense to you, that Steve Corbett is a liberal and pushed and voted for McCain/Palin? He seems to think so, but doesn't realize that no one else does.

Well, does this make sense any sense? "Liberal" Steve Corbett has spent two straight days relentlessly attacking Ron Paul, the only (I said ONLY) RepubliCrat who would, like a real liberal would want, stop the continuous wars and mass murdering of brown skinned people? Of course, this only makes sense if Steve Corbett is NOT a "liberal", which is what everyone knows except for Steve Corbett. Ssshhh...don't tell him!!! Let him think that we all believe he's a "liberal"!

Now, ME? I'm a REAL liberal, so first and foremost, I am voting for the only RepubliCrat who is outspokenly against continuously mass murdering brown skinned people. I am not concerned about sensationalizing a NON-STORY about some airline tickets, a story which, no matter how many times it's explained, I do not understand anyway. Talk about clutching at straws!

I actually heard him say to a caller, "I didn't say Ron Paul bought 1st class tickets, I said he flew 1st class!" Folks: if you have to MINCE WORDS that finely, you beyond a doubt have some kind of agenda. That was between cutting off Ron Paul callers, falsely accusing Ron Paul callers of being rude, and making statements like "give it a rest" about Ron Paul callers, even though he had a "free for all" talk about anything you want format, and hanging up on Pa. Libertarian chair Lou Jasikoff. I never heard someone of Lou's stature treated so rudely on the air. No one deserves that. I'm sure an audio of this will be coming out soon, and I will post it.

Steve Corbett accused others of doing what HE was doing: losing his cool. That's a Karl Rove tactic: accuse others of what you yourself are doing.

Nice try, fake "liberal" Steve Corbett. I have pointed out that since Steve Corbett has come into this area and has a radio show, that he PRETENDS to be a liberal, and just before an election, becomes an establishment Republican. And true to form, exactly as I have said for years, here he goes again: attacking the ONLY Republican (and you can include Obama) who is against MASS MURDER & CONTINUOUS MURDER OF BROWN SKINNED PEOPLE. Learn what a real liberal is. And for that matter, a real conservative. Of all the RepubliCrats, REAL LIBERALS & REAL CONSERVATIVES have no choice but to vote for Ron Paul. Period. Anyone who says anything else is neither a REAL LIBERAL nor a REAL CONSERVATIVE.

UPDATE: Oh! Lookey here! MSNBC'S Lawrence O'Donnell, a progressive not known for supporting anyone with small-government rhetoric on any issue, reports the truth about AP's Ron Paul airline tickets hit piece:

“Every major Jewish Republican fundraiser has been with Mitt” since then, said Zeidman, a Houston lawyer who was a major backer of George W. Bush.

Here's two foreign policy advisors on Mitt Romney's team, you can look it up right on Romney's website: Israeli-firsters and Bush/Cheney administration Israel dual-citizen warmongers Dov Zakheim & Michael Chertoff - expect more war for Israel

Dov Zakheim

Michael Chertoff

You can find both Dov Zakheim & Michael Chertoff in this article below:

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

People Who Believe The Official 9/11 Story, Who Otherwise Seem Intelligent, Believe In Not One, But NINE Scientifically Disproven Supernatural MIRACLES

“He (Mitt Romney) has a proven business record and is a problem solver,” said Mel Sembler

Let's take a look at who Mel Sembler is:

The unauthorized biography of Mel Sembler.

If you're for Ron Paul and PEACE, be prepared to be called an ANTI-SEMITE because you are against wars for Israel.

Obamney vs. US, USrael vs. Iran: there is NO DIFFERENCE between Romney and Obama, Ron Paul is the ONLY choice for peace among Republicans and Democrats

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