Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Cares About Torturing Dogs...But Not Humans!

Rush Limbaugh's guest on Friday was fellow wingnut Mark Levin, the author of the book "Rescuing Sprite", which is about how much he loved his dog Sprite and how terrible it was when his dog passed away. Probably published by NMP (Nazi Media Press).

Immediately into the interview, Rush soon asked Levin this question:

RUSH: I've always wanted to ask you -- and I was with you when you were writing this -- what was your reaction, first off, when you heard about the Michael Vick story? Because that came within such close proximity to your dog's death and your writing of this book.

LEVIN: I was so disgusted, because this guy has the whole world at his feet, you know? He's got all the money he wants. He's a tremendous athlete. He's got tremendous fans -- and here he is not just gambling, but he is involved in funding, and transporting, and torturing, and murdering dogs. As you know, I'm a big dog lover -- you're a cat lover and a dog lover -- and I was absolutely stunned by this, and first he lied about it, as most criminals do, and also the way in which they did this. You know, the way he tortured them, the way they were thrown to the ground, the way they were hung and electrocuted. They threw water on them and everything. The thing is that dogs are supposed to -- and do -- bring out the best in human beings. They really do. Anybody who owns a dog or has owned a dog, or cat for that matter --
(BD: Levin didn't like Vick waterboarding dogs!!! And electricuting them!!!)

Rush then says:

RUSH: All right. But anyway, so the thing is, dogs are really innocent, fun-loving, joyful creatures, and I think God's give them to us to help bring out the best in us, and this guy uses his position to brutalize them and torture them and murder them. I have nothing but contempt for him.

Rush cried when his cat died:

LEVIN: He said to you, "We all have our roles, Rush," and he didn't have an arm and he didn't have an eye, and you also said to me, "You don't realize how many people you help, family, friends, strangers." But you were just so compassionate and helpful, and you also relayed to me the passing of your cat and what happened over that weekend when she had a stroke, as I recall.

RUSH: Yeah. That surprised me. I cried over the death of that little cat. She was five years old. You're right. They're the essence of innocence. This one had such a great little personality, and she was a fighter. Sprite was a fighter, too. That's one of the things you mean when you say they bring out the best in us. This little cat, we had to give her Valium one day just to keep her quiet.

(BD: Are you sure it wasn't OxyContin, Rush? Rush finishes up by crying about his cat Punkin and Levin's dog Sprite! It's a great, big "cry-fest" by the human torturer condoners and warmongers! )

RUSH: Gotta take a quick time-out. Thank you very much. He came in here today saying don't make me cry. You turned the tables on me.

BD: Boo frickitty Hoo!!! Rush and Mark Levin are upset about Punkin and Sprite! Ahhhh, how cute! These wingnuts get all mushy over their pets, don't they? These big, strong warmongers cry over their pets!

Too bad Rush doesn't feel the same about human beings! That's if he isn't lying about his cat in the first place. Here's Rush's cat "Punkin" (original name: OxyContin), who's probably in a better place than with the fat, lying, Nazi Media drug-addict Rush Limbaugh. If that was really his cat. Remember, you can't believe a word he says...
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