Monday, November 19, 2007

Robert Novak Won't Comply With Mike Gravel's Request To "Swift-Boat" Him

With his presidential campaign failing to gain any steam, and in light of troll-like wingnut columnist Robert Novak recently awoke from his coffin and swiftboating Hillary and Obama, Mike Gravel has requested that Novak "swiftboat" him, too. Gravel feels it will bring more attention to his presidential bid. "Look what it's done for Hillary and Obama. Ever since Robert Novak reappeared from wherever he was and swiftboated them, they are grabbing all the headlines! Even Rush Limbaugh is quoting Robert Novak's swiftboating of Hillary and Obama", complains Gravel.

Novak, who recently outed CIA agent Valerie Plame, replied, "Tell Mike I only swiftboat the Democrats highest in the polls. His turn will come, but only after Edwards, Dodd, Richardson, and Kucinich. Mike is last on my swiftboating list, sorry Mike. I'd like to oblige you, but you've got to be higher in the polls! And tell Mike that Valerie Plame was a glorified secretary. "

To which Mike Gravel replied, "GODDAMMIT!!!"
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