Sunday, November 4, 2007

GODDAMMIT!!!!!!! I Did It Again!!!!!!!

It started with small things, just quickly passing through my mind, like, "Gee, I swear it was later than that!" It's Sunday, and I thought it was noon. Then, suddenly, half an hour later, it was 11:30! Was I imaginging that??? At first, I thought it was great! I was thinking, "Geez, it's like I gained an hour! I wonder why I thought it was noon before?"

I just kept doing stuff, stupid Sunday things like fixing a leaky air mattress, checking out some things on the internet. OH! We caught a mole today! I was looking for something to eat in our pantry, and a mole just casually walks by me into the pantry! That killed about half an hour, catching that mole! We cornered it in the pantry in a box and left it off at the playground down the street. It'll probably scare the shit out of the kids there! There were lots of kids there...

Several times I thought I was imagining that the clocks in our house said different times, but I thought I was imagining it. But then, I made myself some soup and thought I'd catch up on some football scores.

The clock said 3:00, so I was thinking all the NFL games were beginning the 2nd haves already. I switch on the Redskins and Jets. They're still in the first half. "Gee!", I was thinking, "They're either playing really slow, or did they start at 2:00 instead of 1:00? Sometimes they do that..."

I'm still on our big green comfy chair eating my soup (my great homemade chicken soup), and I switch over to the Bengals/Bills game. The Bills are driving for a touchdown. The announcer says, "The Bills are about to score before halftime."

HALFTIME??? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE??? Both games aren't past halftime yet??? They BOTH couldn't have started at 2:00!!! I look at the clock again, and it said 3:00. SOMETHING'S GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!!

Then, like the part in the movie "Vanilla Sky", when Tom Cruise (in that fucked up mask) realizes his life is actually a nightmare and "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys starts playing while he's screaming, "IT'S A NIGHTMARE"!!!!!!!!!!, I REALIZE IT WAS DAYLIGHT'S SAVINGS TIME!!!!!!!!


At least when we went to church, we used to find out earlier than this that is was daylight savings time...we'd get all dressed up and go to church...and there'd be nobody there! We'd all look at each other and go, "IT MUST BE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!"

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