Monday, November 12, 2007

Gas Is At An All-Time Record High $3.19 In NEPA

I just filled my tank with gas and I looked up and it was $3.19...THE ALL TIME HIGH!!! I'm spending over $50+ for a tank of gas in my car! I won't have any money for Christmas presents!

Will they do the strategy, where they really want it @ $4/gallon, so they make it go to $4.50 and back it down to $3.99, so we all say to each other at work, like the retards we are, "Hey! Gas went down to $3.99! Isn't that great???"

How come people aren't rioting in the streets? Is this on ANBCBSNNX??? I thought after the war excuses WMD's, Sadaam-Al Qaeda links, and/or bringing them democracy, the reason was to keep down gas prices!!! What do the Dittohead brothers Jeb 'n Jeb Babaweenee think about this???

Jeb I: "Jeb 'n me iz fer duh gas, but duh soljeers ur fightin' fur duh gas. Rush Limbarr sez Bush got duh gas prices down when dey wuz down...but now duh terrists ur bringin' up duh gas prices...'n duh Demmycrats 'n stuff. Duh prezdint has nuttin' ta do wit gas prices when dey go up...only when dey go down...dat's wut Rush sez..."

The Other Jeb: "Yeah! Duh Demmycritters & duh terrists ur bringin' up duh gas prices, after Bush had 'em down low! Me 'n Jeb iz fer duh gas... but aginst duh gas prices."

Jeb I: "Yeah! But duh troops ur gittin' duh Demmycrats 'n Hitler in Iraq 'n der tryin' tuh git duh gas prices lower fer me 'n Jeb...'n'z we could buy Christmas prezdints 'n stuff... Billy Riley sez duh Demmycrats 'n Hitler ur fer Christmas!"

The Other Jeb: (punches Jeb in the head) "Ya jist said Hitler iz fer Christmas! Ya ain't makin' no sense! Hitler iz aginst Christmas!"

Jeb: (punches back The Other Jeb in the head) "Quit punchin' me in duh hayed!!! Ah'm gittin' mixed up!"

The Other Jeb: "Me 'n Jeb don't take too kindly tuh high gas prices...'n stuff...'n Sham Hammity sez too, dat duh gas prices ur fur duh terrists...'n stuff...'n Mushell Stalkin' sez it...'n stuff...
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