Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Dan's Big News Nov 10, 2010

More FOIA release 9/11 video (keep in mind, these were released by the FBI so you'll see cuts and weird things edited in any of these newly released videos)

Look at this video of WTC7, that's the 47 story building a block away from the Twin Towers. WTC7 was NOT hit by a plane. In this video, there's guys walking around inside up and down stairs. Does this look like it's going to fall into dust in 6 seconds? NOT HIT BY A PLANE, BUILDING WAS A BLOCK AWAY...AND the last person in WTC7 before it magically fell down, as evidenced by this video, is a SECRET SERVICE AGENT:

Then WTC7 falls controlled demolition style for no reason whatsoever:

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Silverstein acquired the WTC complex right before the "terror attacks":

Fuck up: LIVE BBC reporter says WTC7 just fell...but it's standing right behind her! Then, the satellite transmission of her breaks up...because they realize the fuck up? Obviously, when they coordinated  the false "official" story across the world's mainstream media, they didn't take into account the time differences:

Then look at this: the tower on the left is hit only in the corner by a glancing blow, not a direct hit. You can see the flame in the corner where the 2nd plane hit.

Now, the building that was hit 2nd, and by a glancing blow to the corner, fell like this??? And fell BEFORE the other Twin Tower that was hit first with a direct hit?

MAYBE...I'll buy the top tipping from where the plane hit, like it started to do. But the WHOLE BUILDING falling into pulverized dust at free fall speed in 6 seconds under the point where the plane hit while the top is tipping???

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it politically correct to say I'M NOT A RETARD??? Why isn't this on TV, this new release of all these 9/11 videos?

And then the other two falling like that? THREE buildings falling like that in the exact same way? Only TWO hit by planes? The only 3 steel frame buildings in history to fall like this due to fire? I don't buy it. BULLSHIT!!!

The "official" 9/11 story told to us by only politicians and the media is BULLSHIT!!!

Eyewitness: a bomb in the first building went off BEFORE the first plane hit:

Chomsky : No Evidence that Al-Qaeda Carried Out the 9/11 Attacks

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