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The Only Thing Going Against Pennsylvania Republicans In The GOP Voter ID Law Case Is: 100% Of The Facts, Testimony, Proof, and Evidence

(the ONLY thing EVER going for Republican Voter ID advocates was evidence-free propaganda folklore in the media, supplied BY THEM!)

Pennslyvania's top electon official, a Republican, in court:


That's because you are a RACIST, trying to disenfranchise BLACK and LATINO minority voters, and you didn't bother to read the law yourself.

So the Pennsylvania GOP doesn't know what THEIR OWN photo id law says...but they expect A MILLION DISENFRANCHISED LEGAL PENNSYLVANIAN VOTERS to know it! Do you think these bastard Republicans give a shit that they put in this ridiculous law and don't even know it themselves and LEGAL voters who voted for YEARS are going to be turned away at the polls? Of course not!

The GOP Voter ID law is in court right now in Pennsylvania. According to what we've been hearing in the so-called liberal media (can we please stop calling it that? it's obviously conservative) is that there's WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD. And "we need Photo ID to buy a beer, therefore we need it to vote", etc...etc... In fact, rightwing radio show callers are STILL saying the beer/vote cliche. They just won't stop it.

But in court, not in the media, it looks like the GOP actually does have some things working against them: FACTS, EVIDENCE, STATISTICS, TESTIMONY...100% of it. Yes, 100%. Among other things that this case is proving, is that the media IS NOT LIBERAL. Otherwise, we'd all know all of the facts that are being brought up in court. All of these facts, such as there were ZERO cases of Vote Fraud in Pennsylvania, would've been on the tip of every Pennsylvanian's tongue. Instead, what's on the tip of every Pennsylvanian's tongue is: "I NEED PHOTO ID TO BUY A BEER, THEREFORE I NEED IT TO VOTE".

Folks: the media is conservative. It is not liberal. Court disproves all this rightwing folklore all the time. ACORN was never thrown in jail for the pimp video sting. That was a HOAX video. It took the court to say so. There's not people on food stamps buying lobsters. There's not "a guy" approaching people at grocery stores offering his food stamps card for cash. I'm 50 years old, I go shopping sometimes several times a week. I never saw someone on food stamps buying lobster. I've never been approached by some guy offering his food stamp card for cash. There's not Canadians coming here for health care. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE IN REALITY. It's living in the media, and the media isn't liberal, or we all wouldn't be repeating this EVIDENCE-FREE FOLKLORE ad nauseum.

Rightwing radio is succeeding in destroying America, led by Rush Limbaugh. Thank god for the internet, where we can bypass the mainstream media which has now been taken over by rightwingers, and we can LOOK UP THE FACTS. That's what I do here on this blog.

The jury is literally in, and the Pennsylvania GOP Voter ID was, in fact, a ruse to disenfranchise black, latinos, minorities, the elderly, and young voters...ALL who tend NOT to vote Republican. Just say it. I know the media won't: RACISM. The GOP is exclusively WHITE. Period. End of story. The jury has come back with a verdict.

REPUBLICANS HATE AMERICA, and assert the opposite. They say anyone who doesn't agree with them "hates America" and is "unpatriotic". It's a tactic. REPUBLICANS are knowingly trying to disenfranchise LEGAL AMERICAN VOTERS for political purposes. The word TREASON comes to mind.

Let me try and put this entire HYPOCRISY this way:
“I don’t know what the law says,” Aichele said under questioning, according to CBS.

THIS, IMO, is the MOST damning evidence that the Pennsylvania GOP's Voter ID law was simply to disenfranchise voters who don't vote Republican: House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, boasting to a Republican gathering in June, IN A MOMENT OF TRUTH AMONG "HIS OWN", that the new photo ID requirement "is going to allow (former Massachusetts) Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania" in the Nov. 6 presidential election. Now, does that sound like someone who's worried about Voter Fraud (which DOESN'T EXIST), or is that a statement by a corrupt lawmaker trying to disenfranchise LEGAL VOTERS so "his guy" wins? TREASONOUS STATEMENT:

Pennsylvania Governor Can’t Recall Requirements Of Voter ID Law He Signed

Well, I have no other choice than to believe TOM CORBETT LIED, when he said:

PA Governor Invents 'Ludicrous' Claims of 'Voter Fraud' to Justify GOP's New Photo ID Restriction. Charges, without evidence, '112% turnout' in some precincts...

And how about this hypocrisy: I'll bet, if asked, all the people who are screaming about gun control laws, the Constitution, Founding Fathers, etc...all those people saying THE CONSTITUTION says "right to bear arms", etc...ARE THE ONES HYPOCRITICALLY SAYING WE SHOULD DISENFRANCHISE THESE VOTERS!!! I would bet the house on this! So, they're FOR the 2nd amendment and think it's wrong to make the right to bear arms more difficult with more red tape, but FOR making the Constitutional right of VOTING more difficult. HYPOCRITES!!!

DAN FROOMKIN: Does any journalist who is not an overt shill for the right actually believe that Republicans are pushing voter ID laws because they’re concerned about voter fraud? No, of course not.

Above: dittohead who thinks people on food stamps buy lobster and obama spent more than all other presidents combined and there's widespread voter fraud and listens to WILK.

By the way, speaking of rightwing radio fact free folklore, like "people on food stamps buy lobsters", "guys at grocery stores approach you and sell their food stamps card for cash", "Canadians come here for health care", here's another one: "OBAMA SPENT MORE THAN ALL THE OTHER PRESIDENT COMBINED". Guess what? I looked it up, and you don't even have to go past the LAST president, president Bush, who spent more than Obama. Bush spent $20 TRILLION, Obama spent $14 TRILLION, add it up for yourself, look at the government spending charts, just another RIGHTWING RADIO FACT FREE FOLKLORE CLICHE, like "WIDE SPREAD VOTER FRAUD" and all the others. And here's something I learned looking up all these FACTS: the president's budget is always ONE YEAR BEHIND. IE: the 2009 budget was actually BUSH'S BUDGET enacted in 2008. It's always a year behind. Bush's 2nd term budgets were 2006-2009 (NOT 2004-2007). Obama's official budgets are 2010 to 2013. Practically EVERYTHING in a president's first term are really things enacted by the LAST PRESIDENT. Hope I didn't' blow any MINDS with that, you know, researching and looking up FACTS:

Of all the falsehoods told about President Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree.

And while we're on the subject of Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Corbett, how did he get away scott free in the Penn St/Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno pedophile ring scandal, if he was DA or Governor from 2004 to 2012 (the present), and was DA when Center County DA Ray Gricar went missing in 2005 and was never found? The Ray Gricar that was investigating the Penn St scandal? And did you know that Tom Corbett got $650,000.00 in donations for his gubenatorial run from GUESS WHERE: JERRY SANDUSKY'S 2nd Mile children's pedophile ring!!! Wow! Is that enough to investigate why Tom Corbett dragged his feet on investigating the Penn St scandal? And did you know that Tom Corbett's "good friend" Freeh led the Penn St investigation, which happened to let Tom Corbett off scot free? Was Louis Freeh assigned as the lead investigator of the Penn St scandal to make sure it wouldn't lead to Tom Corbett or even higher: a link to Republican pedophile rings like The Franklin Scandal cover up, which was a Repblican pedophile ring that led to the Reagan/Bush White House in the 1980's? Don't forget: Joe Paterno spoke at GHW Bush's RNC presidential nomination. There are many ties between powerful Penn St men involved in the Penn St scandal and the Republican Party.

The Franklin Scandal: CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE (investigation led to a pedophile ring in the Reagan/Bush White House, and the subsequent cover up...sound familiar?)

Surprise! Rick Santorum defends Jerry Sandusky:

I guess, to the GOP, women are "terrorists":

Republican Lawmakers: birth control mandate LIKE PEARL HARBOR & 9/11

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