Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shout-Out from A Liberal To My Rightwing FRIENDS: I Trust YOU With A Gun, More Than I Trust The Government, Police, & Military With Guns!

Just trust the government, police, & military with guns??? NO THANKS!!! Those guys are preaching to us about GUN CONTROL??? And celebrities who glorify violence in their movies are preaching to us about GUN CONTROL??? You have to stand in awe of this breathtaking hypocrisy.

Rightwingers: guess what? You're right about the "gun control" debate.

I'm a liberal, or at least a left-leaning liberal (if there is such a thing), and I am on your side of the "gun control" debate. I'd rather see YOU with a gun, than the government, police, or military with guns. I TRUST you, and not them. I know that, even though we argue all the time, YOU would be the first to rush to my aid WITH A GUN, should the occasion present itself. That's what being FRIENDS is all about. I'm not FRIENDS with the government, police, and military! In fact, you are 8x more likely to get killed by the police than "terrorists". You know those government guys that TAZE, BEAT, & JAIL peaceful OCCUPY protesters? I don't want them to have guns...because they TAZE, BEAT, & JAIL peaceful OCCUPY protesters! Do YOU TAZE, BEAT, & JAIL protesters? NO! Are YOU bombing and murdering millions of people on the other side of the earth? NO! I think the ones doing that ARE THE ONES TELLING YOU TO GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

I'd rather have ALEX JONES next to me with a gun than a policeman with a gun. Alex Jones isn't going to shoot me, but there's a way better than there should be chance the policeman is going to shoot me!

I'd rather have Alex Jones with a gun, than Piers Morgan with a gun. I think it's more likely Piers Morgan would shoot me, than Alex Jones.

I'm ashamed of left news websites that are only talking about gun control. That is turning me right off to them. I hope they realize they're losing people like me.

We should be talking about, instead of gun control, GOVERNMENT FALSE FLAG CONTROL & WAR CONTROL. In fact the REAL LIBERALS I like I notice AREN'T talking about gun control. They ARE talking about more important issues. Just like I am. Maybe only DEMOCRATS and DEMOCRAT-LEANING "news" sites are pushing gun control, and REAL LIBERALS are NOT pushing it.

Really, it's pretty simple: right to bear arms is in the Constitution. Case closed.

I'm going to post Alex Jones on CNN debating gun control, but I'd like to point out some things about Piers Morgan...AND CNN.

Before he inexplicably turned up on CNN, Piers Morgan was with The News Of The World newspaper in England, owned by FOX "news" owner Rupert Murdoch. That paper was caught in a phone-hacking scandal in which they hacked into the cell phones of DEAD PEOPLE. Can you imagine the families of those dead people, what they think? Rupert Murdoch took a 100 year old paper and turned it into a scandalous rag and drove it right out of business. YES, THAT is where Piers Morgan comes from!

A second important point I have about Piers Morgan is this: does ANYONE like Piers Morgan? I don't think ANYONE likes Piers Morgan. So why does CNN thrust him in front of our faces and make it appear that he's great?

Three: watch this video first of CNN'S FAKE PERSIAN GULF WAR BROADCAST:

Here's the gun control debate between Alex Jones & Piers Morgan:

And take a look at THESE ASSHOLES: these celebrities GLORIFY violence in their movies 24x7...and then make a commercial pushing gun control What a joke! The reason this really bothers me - celebrities AND politicians & media - calling for gun control, is because it proves they can get the entire nation talking about a topic. But I don't see them getting us talking about corrupt banksters, Wall St, The Police State, Police brutality against peaceful protesters, THE WARS, FALSE FLAGS by our government, our government ARMING TERRORISTS, murdering people with DRONES, TORTURING people, and obvious anomalies in the following "OFFICIAL STORIES": 911, Team 6/BIN LADEN raid, the JFK/RFK/MLK/SANDY HOOK/BATMAN THEATER SHOOTING/SIKH TEMPLE SHOOTING/DC sniper shootings, whether or not the government is hiring ACTORS at crisis scenes for TV "news" purposes, and things like that:


Hi, I'm Piers Morgan. CNN got me from England from a paper owned by FOX's Rupert Murdoch that went under due to a phone hacking scandal. Here's what I think about gun control.

*** WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK ????????????? ***

Does ANYONE like Piers Morgan? Does CNN think ANYONE likes Piers Morgan? Are they INSANE? What planet is CNN on?

Here's a BRAINSTORM by CNN: get a pompous English GOOF no one ever heard of from an English newspaper rocked in a phone hacking scandal and also from a country that banned guns and have him tell US to get rid of our guns!!! Why would CNN do this? Am I missing something here? Does he have pictures of someone at CNN in a compromising position? What gives with Piers Morgan & CNN? This gets a big: WTF???

Deport him? HELL YEAH! DEPORT HIM! But the reason is because...HE STINKS!!! And who names their son "PIERS" btw? What kind of a name is that?

Musical interlude: SPOOKY TOOTH - OLD AS I WAS BORN

Tragic ZORB accident in Russia:

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