Friday, November 30, 2012

"FISCAL CLIFF" Is Another Hoax By The 1% To Dismantle Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid, Pushed By the MAINSTREAM MEDIA TERRORISTS

The rigged corrupt corporate mainstream media and radio news briefs (MEDIA TERRORISTS) will chant FISCAL CLIFF FISCAL CLIFF FISCAL CLIFF over and over and over again (BRAINWASHING) on behalf of the 1% to SCARE the 99% of Americans in an attempt once again to dismantle social security, medicare, & medicaid.


WAKE UP AMERICA! - The Real U.S. Budget Problem: Defense & War Spending Equal 94% Of All Federal Income Tax Revenues

When the media keeps repeating a phrase like "FISCAL CLIFF" over and over and over again, BEWARE! Think: "DEATH PANELS", "GROUND ZERO MOSQUE", "CHICK FIL A", "AL QAEDA", "TERRORISTS", "INSURGENTS", etc... etc... BEWARE!!! They wouldn't do it IF THEY WEREN'T SCREWING US!!!

In fact, they did this TWICE! I remember they were bombarding us with "FISCAL CLIFF" before the "election", then it died out, now it's starting up again! So they are REALLY trying to BAMBOOZLE us!

I've been gathering some great info from the BEST economists and they all agree: WE ARE GETTING SCREWED AGAIN. We spend a TRILLION dollars a year on BOMBING countries on the other side of the earth. Here's what they will do IMO: they will cut social safety nets A LOT, and the bombing budget A LITTLE, so they can say they cut EVERYTHING, but the implication will be that they cut BOMBING in ration...but it won't be. Kind of like the Bush tax cuts: cut the rich A LOT and the middle class A LITTLE and then say they cut EVERYONE'S taxes.

btw: guess who came up with the term "FISCAL CLIFF"? None other than financial terrorist BEN BERNANKE of THE FED!

MICHAEL HUDSON says we're getting SCREWED:

BILL BLACK says we're getting SCREWED:


James Galbraith again:

ROBERT REICH says we're getting SCREWED:

PAUL KRUGMAN says we're getting SCREWED:

Paul Krugman: Fiscal Cliff Actually An 'Austerity Bomb'

Daily Show: congress concocted the catastrophic "fiscal cliff"


The rightwing FOOD STAMPS sham: one thing you can count on is that no matter how subject come and go on FOX "news" and rightwing radio (Rush Limbaugh, etc...), their whining about FOOD STAMPS never goes away. Whining about food stamps is the FLAGSHIP ISSUE, the FOUNDATION of rightwing radio. It weathers all storms and never goes away. They are OBSESSED with poor people getting food, for some reason. It's what JESUS would do. And just like Reagan MADE UP the CADILLAC-DRIVING WELFARE QUEEN MOMMA folklore, the rightwing has their fact-free FOOD STAMPS folklore they talk about and callers call in about: "I SAW THEM BUYING LOBSTERS ON FOOD STAMPS", "I SAW SOMEONE BUY SOMETHING ON FOOD STAMPS THEN GET INTO A CADILLAC/SUV/(fill in the blank)", etc...etc... This is a tactic of rightwing callers: they call in radio shows and MAKE SHIT UP that can't be proven. THEY'RE LYING. The reason they're lying, if you use logic, is that instead of REPORTING THIS ABUSE, they call in radio shows? Why does the host never ask them, "DID YOU REPORT THEM?" The answer would be, "NO". And that's not even addressing the FACT that it's IMPOSSIBLE to simply LOOK AT SOMEONE and know their income, IE: if they QUALIFY for food stamps or not. These people are just PARANOID, SELFISH people OR they're FAKE CALLERS whose mission is to get rid of a social safety net.

Let's take a look at how much we spend on food stamps, and especially in relation to how much we spend on BOMBING PEOPLE. Dittoheads hate numbers & facts, so they're not going to like this below. They hate charts and graphs, too. Here is the government budget website:

It says in 2011 we spent $878.5 BILLION on "Defense" which is bombing and murdering people on the other side of the earth. How much did we spend on feeding Americans? It says we spent $103.2 billion, or around 1% of the budget. Also keep in mind, historically we spend MORE on food stamps during financial and unemployment crises. That's NORMAL. So: $878.5 for MURDERING PEOPLE and $103.2 for FEEDING AMERICANS. Do you think that's a sign of an advanced country? Or a barbaric country? Below, I highlight in yellow 2011 "Defense" (OFFENSIVE BOMBING) vs FOOD STAMPS:

Food Stamps Are An Antipoverty Program, But Fox Won't Tell You That

CHARTS: Why U.S. Military Spending Is Totally Out Of Control And Can't Last

MORE truthtelling reality-based conservatives is drummed out of the establishment Republican Party (like Ron Paul, David Frum, Andrew Sullivan, and more...:

Revenge of the Reality-Based Community. My life on the Republican right—and how I saw it all go wrong. By BRUCE BARTLETT

It seems the Republicans have run out of squishy moderates to purge. Now they’re starting to run conservatives out of town for being insufficiently doctrinaire. Exhibit A: The defenestration of Tom Cole.


Iceland's economy recovered from the financial crisis better than most because the government bailed out the people and jailed the bank criminals. The lack of coverage of ICELAND once again proves the U.S. mainstream media speaks for the 1% and is corrupt and rigged and is NOT "liberal":

Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong

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