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Questions About "Rockets From Gaza"

Start with this interesting short video, just to setup how there's more than meets the eye with this whole Hamas/Israel situation: you know those "terrorists" called Hamas you hear about all the time? Ron Paul (and many others) state that ISRAEL CREATED HAMAS! You never see THAT in the "news":

(Note: these are just questions I have. I never fully believe any major news story anymore, at least immediately, when it is reported in real time by the western/U.S. mainstream media. We have been DUPED too many times to believe them, without major personal research from varying sources. Usually we find out the REAL STORY much later. The more initial questions I have, the more I think the "official story" may not be true. Now we get into "OFFICIAL STORY", which is the story told by officials to protect officials. OFFICIALS are Big Media and politicians. We KNOW "officials" are the biggest liars in the history of mankind. As you will see in the videos below, the world is turning against Israel. It's the 99% vs 1% in Israel, too: Israel 1% government & military are psychopaths just like the U.S. and just about every other government and organization. Psychopaths rise to the top of every government & organization. But most people are, of course, in the 99% and they are protesting human rights violations around the world. Israel is becoming more and more hated around the world...except for Islamophobic Dittoheads inflamed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh & rightwing radio, Mike Savage, Pam Geller, FOX "news", and scum like that.)

Note: there is a great collection of videos in this post well-worth watching!

Israel Attack On Gaza, video the gatekeeper media will not let you see (graphic)

I don't believe that for days now, rag-tag starving "gaza militants" have been firing off thousands of rockets at Israel from the largest open air prison, totally controlled and surrounded by the country they're firing them at. There's got to be more to it than just that. I would sooner believe that Israel is LETTING them do this for justification to attack Gaza, Israel themselves are doing it as a false flag to blame them as justification for attacking them, or it isn't even happening (at least on the scale the "news" is telling us) but they're saying it is for justification to attack them. "Poor little Israel" is always the story in the mainstream "news". I have the following common sense questions about what is going on there right now that no one is asking. "Gaza militants" tricking and outsmarting Israelis by smuggling in thousands of rockets and firing them off for days and "poor little Israel" must defend itself is not possible for me to believe, it's way too far fetched.

1. Gaza is the LARGEST OPEN AIR PRISON ever, likened to the Nazi concentration camps. Gaza is not very big and is under total control of Israel. They can't get proper food, water, & medicine in Gaza for the Palestinians. How can "Gaza militants" somehow get THOUSANDS of giant rockets & missiles into Gaza under the Israelis' noses? They're "tricking" and "outsmarting" them? Are Israelis great at stopping food from getting into Gaza, but STINK and are LOUSY at stopping thousands of giant rockets & missiles from getting in? It's a huge stretch for me to believe this.

2. If "gaza militants" can smuggle in thousands of CRAPPY INEFFECTIVE rockets all the time, then they can smuggle in GOOD, EFFECTIVE ones. Why would they ALWAYS smuggle in only crappy ineffective rockets? So that then they can get SMASHED by the far superior NUCLEAR ARMED ISRAEL with sophisticated weapons made in the U.S.A.? NO ONE can be this stupid, including "gaza militants". And to do this over and over periodically with the same results? Does that make any sense whatsoever?

3. If "Gaza militants" are shooting off rockets & missiles into Israel, does anyone see them doing this? It's pretty easy to see giant rockets & missiles taking off into the air for days. Then why aren't the Israelis who have been occupying Gaza stopping them? I would think you'd see a giant rocket take off, say THERE THEY ARE, and go to that spot and stop them. How can it be going on for days, then? How can the news have their cameras trained on super-secret spots they're launching the rockets from BEFORE they shoot them? And then why aren't the news camera people saying to the Israelis: HERE THEY ARE! THEY'RE OVER HERE! Look at this ABC video. Obviously, the cameraman had his camera focused on the spot that rockets were launching, then they knew of this "secret" spot beforehand. First you see some kind of satellite photo of a vehicle Israel blows up. So they can't see thousands of rockets smuggled in and launching from these same satellites? Then you see a camera showing rockets taking off from Gaza. How did the cameraman have his camera focused on this "secret" spot before the rockets launched:

4. SATELLITES: Advanced countries like the U.S. and Israel can see EVERYTHING on satellite. WE are probably HELPING Israel with OUR satellites. Did no one see "Gaza militants" bringing in thousands of rockets on satellite? Does no one see on the satellites all the spots rockets are launching from? How come we all say that satellites can see everything going on everywhere all the time...but except for GAZA??? I thought they could read the back of a dime from a satellite. I thought Israelis were ALREADY IN GAZA for decades, to boot.

5. Is it possible Israel IS PURPOSELY LETTING "Gaza militants" smuggle rockets & missiles into Gaza, and LETTING them fire them off - at least for a short while - to have JUSTIFICATION to collectively bomb the hell (collective punishment) out of the Palestinians? You know, like many people have proven that the Bush administration KNEW about 911 in advance and LET IT HAPPEN for justification for "The War On Terror", the Afghanistan War, and the Iraq War? Remember the non-existent WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction)? LETTING this happen on purpose makes a hell of a lot more sense than ragamuffin poor starving cavemen are "tricking" and "outsmarting" one of the top military & spy forces in the history of the planet! Just like 911, we were expected to believe that 19 hijackers commanded by a guy in a cave on dialysis halfway around the world "tricked" and "outsmarted" the #1 military & spy force in the history of the planet with boxcutters!

6. Is ISRAEL or Israeli operatives launching the rockets & missiles and "BLAMING THE PALESTINIANS"? IE: FALSE FLAG or INSIDE JOB. Israel & the Mossad are famous for that. The creed of the Mossad is: "WAGE WAR BY DECEPTION". And we already KNOW most of the mainstream media is pro-Israel Zionists, that's an uncomfortable fact for many. Doing something and blaming someone else is called a "FALSE FLAG". Governments throughout history have done FALSE FLAGS to justify to their people going to wars they don't want to get into.

7. Are we to believe that Israel can sneak Mossad into Iran (or ANYWHERE for that matter) and kill Iranian nuclear scientists BUT CAN'T SNEAK IN AND INFILTRATE THE "GAZA MILITANTS" WHICH THEY ALREADY SURROUND AND CONTROL?

8. IRON DOME: We, the U.S. citizens, while having AUSTERITY imposed upon us by our government, have given BILLIONS of our taxpayer money to Israel to build "IRON DOME", which is a missile defense system. How convenient that the stories that are coming out mention how great IRON DOME is working! And why are WE paying for some foreign country's "IRON DOME" defense system anyway, while having AUSTERITY imposed on US? Who does our congress & president work for, Israel? Where are all the fiscal conservatives and Tea Partiers on this one?

9. BLAME IRAN FALSE FLAG: More and more stories are coming out that - WAIT FOR IT - the missiles the "Gaza militants" are shooting are - WAIT FOR IT AGAIN - FROM IRAN!!! Oh, how convenient once again that somehow this can be spun into attacking Iran, which we KNOW there have been non-stop false stories for YEARS by our mainstream media trying to get us to bomb Iran. And here we go again. Did you notice that when "Israeli officials" are on TV "news" they mention IRAN in almost every first sentence they utter? Or at the very least, they can't be on TV commenting about "rockets from Gaza" without mentioning IRAN. That reeks of the same old same old: either letting this happen or it's a false flag to justify bombing Iran. Or they wouldn't keep mention Iran, would they? EVERY story like this sooner or later gets spun in the "news" to be connected to IRAN, which happens to be the next country Israel wants to bomb or wants US to bomb. HELLO, IRAN? IT IS US, THE "GAZA MILITANTS". GOT ANYMORE OF THOSE CRAPPY INEFFECTIVE ROCKETS THAT DON'T DO SHIT AND THEN GIVE ISRAEL AN EXCUSE TO LEVEL US AGAIN? YEAH, GIVE US A COUPLE THOUSAND OF THEM. WE'LL SMUGGLE THEM THROUGH THE SECRET TUNNELS EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT AND ISRAEL IS GUARDING. NO, WE DON'T WANT THE GOOD ONES, WE SAID THE LOUSY ONES!!!

10. QUI BONO? WHO BENEFITS from this? Certainly not GAZA & the Palestinians! It would be BEYOND INSANE for them to secretly smuggle thousands of rockets into Gaza and shoot them into Israel knowing full well based on every instance in the past that it DOES NOTHING TO ISRAEL and GIVES JUSTIFICATION to Israel to do an all-out attack with super-sophisticated weaponry, as sophisticated as the U.S., paid for by you-know-who: YOU the U.S. TAXPAYER! Because "they're our friend", "they're the only democracy in the Middle East", "they're totally surrounded", "Israel has a right to defend itself", and every other cliche we've been brainwashed with by the media they control since we were born. WHO BENEFITS THE LEAST? The Palestinians.

11. THE TIMING: Has anyone noticed that this happened right after the election and while this Petraeus scandal is going on?

Why isn't anyone in the media asking these questions, or practically anyone period? Why do we continually BLINDLY believe the "news" when we've caught them lying to us time and time again?

Remember this famous CNN/Charles Jaco FAKE PERSIAN GULF WAR BROADCAST? Why is this not talked about 24x7 as an example of FAKE NEWS by the major networks? This was done YEARS ago while Poppy Bush the war criminal was president. IMAGINE how much BETTER and MORE SOPHISTICATED they are now at LYING:

Why did our congress rush out H.R. 813 bipartisan, which they unanimously back Israel as having a right to defend themselves? But never rush out anything saying the Palestinians can defend themselves? The Republicans and Democrats are supposedly fighting all the time...EXCEPT for things having to do with WAR, THE POLICE STATE, THE BANKSTERS, & ISRAEL! They're in GRIDLOCK 24x7, but somehow rush out H.R. 813 unanimously at the speed of light to remind the world that they are being blackmailed by Israel. Don't you wish they'd bipartisan kiss OUR asses like they do the foreign country of Israel?

Look at the conduct of our congress towards Israel. It's disgusting:

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The below article is FANTASTIC, I'm putting it in RED and making the font bigger, a MUST-READ:

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