Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke (SHERIFF RUCKUS) Of Milwaukee Gives Speech At RNC On July 18, Then Milwaukee Cop Shoots Black Guy August 13 In Milwaukee, Then Sheriff David Clarke (SHERIFF RUCKUS) Becomes FOX's On-The-Scene Police Expert: HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!!

FOX's & RNC's "good n*gger", FOX's HOUSE NEGRO. A Coincidence Too Far - READ ON

UPDATE 9/29/2016: Trump-loving sheriff body-slams man for pestering him on two-hour flight — and heckler gets arrested

July 18 unknown Milwaukee black sheriff (who seems to hate blacks btw...like Uncle Ruckus from the cartoon Boonedocks)) gives speech at RNC:

August 13, about a month later, Milwaukee cops shoot and kill black guy:

Guess where the shooting occurrred? In Milkwaukee, where SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS) is from! The same guy who gave a speech at the RNC a month ago! And guess who conveniently becomes FOX's "on the scene police expert"? SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS)!

So are you telling me that on July 18 SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS) of Milwaukee gives a speech at the RNC, then a month later Milwaukee cops shoot a black guy for the latest police/protests, and the SAME GUY SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE (SHERIFF RUCKUS), who happened to give the RNC speech, also happens to be the sheriff where the shooting occurs, then conveniently becomes FOX's "expert"? And he's a black cop that appears to spout all the FOX/Rush Limbaugh talking points like LIBERALS CAUSED THIS, etc...etc...???

NO F*CKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO OUT ALL THIS STAGED SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup - he sort of has that General Honoree stench of waaaay toooo convenient to have the perfect actor in place with the perfect message at the perfect time.  Life is not this tidy in actuality - but it sure is on the TeeVee.

I guarantee you this all ties to the Koch Brother, their control of Walker, and his willingness to do ANYTHING THEM TELL HIM TO DO, including the requirement that the race war take hold somewhere in the US, and it falls to Milwaukee to assume the burden of it.

Hi Rush, I'm a BLACK GUY, but I hate blacks too!

He is seriously setting himself up to be taken out by somebody who won't tolerate this Uncle Tom calling as spade a spade, as it were.

This whole thing just became way to obvious, and they usually "off" the guy when that happens, and probably blame it on a "leftist", that's what happens when you play with fire though.

And guess who's the governor of Wisconsin? None other than SCOTT WALKER:


SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE should be called SHERIFF RUCKUS, like Uncle Ruckus the self-hating black guy from Boonedocks cartoon:

OMG - you don't think there's ay chance he was influenced by media images growing up, do you? He's the fucking Sheriff from Blazing Saddles!

Sheriff Clarke is married to a WHITE WOMAN and rides around on a horse with a cowboy hat like BLAZING SADDLES

It's Twooo - it's twooo!

He's married to a WHITE WOMAN, hey DITTOHEADS, LET'S GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Back off or the nigger gets it!"

In his mind, he's white. The cowboy hat is the dead giveaway. It's easy to criticize "the blacks", when you're a white cowboy!

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