Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Feb 5, 2008

· Bob Dole comes to McCain's defense (bd: I thought Bob Dole and Abe Vigoda were dead!)

· AUDIO: How Do You Know If Your Vote is Counted Accurately or Even at All? A Sober Discussion on Vote Counting Between Brad Friedman and Vocalo's Tom Herman...

· Former CIA Analyst: 'Sibel Edmonds is Talking About Treason, Cover-Up at Highest Levels of U.S. Government'. Philip Giraldi Slams the American MSM, Says Former FBI Translator's Allegations of the Sale of U.S. Nuke Secrets to the Foreign Black Market 'Must be Heard'...

· VIDEO MASHUP: Thought Control - The MSM's Role In Silencing Anti-War Voices

· More voting propaganda from fake progressive site DailyKOS...

· With Little Notice, Leahy Pushes Through Repeal of a Scary Bush Power Grab

· Israeli soldiers jailed for mooning Palestinians

· President Bush's new budget proposal would cut $196 billion over five years from both Medicare and Medicaid -- programs that provide health care to millions of poor and elderly, federal officials announced Monday. (bd: Article says he's "helping" you, though! You know, like when Reagan said he was "helping" you by starting the tax on unemployment!)