Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We Got 'Em! The Guys Who Knocked Down The World Trade Center!

Did ya hear? We got the guys who knocked down the World Trade Center! We're sentencing 6 guys we had in Gitmo for 6 years to death! And none of them are named "Osama Bin Laden"! Hey! I thought Osama Bin Laden knocked down the WTC!!!

And did ya hear? We admitted waterboarding them! Waterboarding them to get their confessions! After we said we never waterboarded anyone!

Oh! And did ya hear? We waterboarded the confessions out of them 6 years before charging them with anything, and then we're using those confessions we tortured out of them to sentence them to death in a kangaroo court! And none of them are named Osama Bin Laden!

Are any of those waterboarding sessions the ones that the CIA destroyed the tapes?

Guess what? They're all fucking lying again! How come nothing ever happens to them for lying right to our faces?


VINCENT WARREN: Well, I think what—they’re trying to continue their facade, pretending—first of all, they’re still pretending that waterboarding is not torture. But we have to look at this in steps. At first, they said that they didn’t torture, which we know was a lie. And then they said that they didn’t waterboard, which we know is a lie. Now they’re saying that they do waterboard, but it’s not clear that waterboarding was torture. And now they’re saying it may be torture, but it might not have been torture under the rules a couple of years ago. What they’re trying to do, I believe, is set up a situation where they use the legal framework that they used at the time to be able to avoid a legal classification of waterboarding as torture currently.


BRIG. GEN. THOMAS HARTMANN: I don’t know the answer to that question. The prosecutors will make a determination about what evidence they are going to produce in the case in chief. I haven’t seen the files yet, and that will identify to us what evidence is used.

But let me be clear: we are a nation of law (bd: LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!) and not of men. And the question of what evidence will be admitted, whether waterboarding or otherwise, will be decided in the courts, in front of a judge, after it’s fought out between the defense and the prosecution in these cases. That’s the rule of law. That’s the procedure that Congress has provided to us. And that’s what we will use to finally answer these questions.


REPORTER: What about the timing of all this? Again, it was just Thursday that the Vice President, Hayden admitted the United States had used waterboarding against some of these suspects. And then, lo and behold, Monday the DOD announces they’re going forward on these cases.

(spokesliar) DANA PERINO: I can see conspiracy written all over your face, but there was none. And this decision—as the military said, that they were ready to bring the charges, and they did that today, when they were ready.

REPORTER: So it’s a mere coincidence then?

(spokesliar) DANA PERINO: As I said this morning, yes.

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