Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why Does Rush Limbaugh Hate The California Fire Victims and Katrina Victims?

(Warning: The following highlighted link leads to Rush Limbaugh's Nazi propaganda site...bring plenty of anti-bacterial foaming soap & towels)

On Rush Limbaugh's Nazi propaganda release program today, he attacked California fire victims and Katrina victims.

Rush: "...the Drive-Bys, the local Drive-Bys-in-training are exaggerating this (the California fires)..." And he said that's just what they did with Katrina!

Rush: "I've been e-mailing people in Los Angeles. I've been e-mailing friends in Southern California. "Are you in trouble from the fires?" "No, not really. It's not anywhere near us. In fact, a couple people I e-mailed on Sunday didn't even know about it 'til they got back home Sunday night."

Although Rush says it's not happening, he does blame "the environmental groups" for the fires (that aren't happening):

RUSH: "No, it would go in there and clear out the deadwood and the brush and take away the kindling -- and these environmental groups, they are to blame for this. They are the ones that are making these fires "

Listen to Rush! These California fires aren't happening! You're imagining it! His "dittohead" fans believe him!

Rush's "Hitler Youth" caller gets so excited, that he feels...well, just read it:

CALLER: I am very confident in our ability to do just about anything. You said not on to get overconfident but, I'll tell you what, the Republican Party is more, gosh, we're stronger than God Almighty himself.

Rush on Katrina:

RUSH: Well, now, why would you think they would do that, John? We've got examples of accurate and truthful reporting during the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina. (clearing throat) A-hem!


RUSH: You know, they tried that during Hurricane Katrina. They keep recycling the old pages in the playbook.

Scarey, isn't it? Heir Rush and all his dittohead followers should take advantage of all the non-existent California fires and throw all the books they can in the non-existent flames!
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