Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox Sweep Rockies For World Series Victory! (and have 2 happy-ending cancer-survivor stories)

BD: This is a picture of the Red Sox' Jon Papelbon, who came in at the end of every game and got the Rockies out...while I was biting my nails! I think Papelbon should've gotten the World Series MVP. He had several multi-inning saves. When he came in, the games were over! How great is it, to rely on a closer like that in the World Series? Papelbon is the best closer in major league baseball! HE DIDN'T GIVE UP ANY RUNS THE ENTIRE WORLD SERIES! But I'm not going to argue with their pick of Mike Lowell as MVP. The Red Sox have 2 cancer survivors: John Lester and Mike Lowell. Lester won the deciding game, and Lowell was the WS MVP. My wife had cancer, and it's nice to see 2 happy-ending cancer survivor stories like Jon Lester and Lowell, read below...

Jason Stark: This Time The Red Sox Bulldozed Their Way To Title

23 Year Old Red Sox Pitcher, Cancer Survivor, Wins Deciding Game

...and OTHER Red Sox Cancer Survivor Mike Lowell Wins World Series MVP! Talk About Happy Endings!
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