Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello Fellow Dickheads! OOPS! I Mean "Dittoheads"!

Hello fellow Dittoheads, El Rushbo here! Ever caught in this embarrassing situation? You're at a red light with your window down, and you have my show on! Tired of the guy in the adjacent car throwing you the finger? Or saying, "Fuck you!" Or even ramming your car?

Well, Ol' Rushbo is here to tell you about the "Rushmutronic-3000"! It works off your car's electronic window switch! The lower your windows go, the lower El Rushbo goes! Automatically! No more embarrassing situations at red lights, just because you forgot to raise your car windows or lower the volume of my show!

Easy installation, too! Just remove your driver's side door panel, locate your electronic windows switch, disassemble it, hook up the "Rushmutronic-3000" to the electronic windows switch, reassemble the modified switch, and replace your driver's side door panel! Works on all 4 windows, if you install it on the driver's side switch. You don't want that bratty kid putting the window down in the back at a red light with my show on loud!

The "Rushmutronic-3000" is selling for $550 (+ $50 shipping and handling)...but how much is your embarrassment worth???

...also works on: Sean Hannity Show, Mike Savage, and Bill O'Reilly.

Don't let 'em know you're an idiot at a red light! Get the "Rushmutronic-3000"! Tell 'em Rush sent ya!

...and don't forget to get LifeLock...or the terrorists are gonna git cha!!!
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