Thursday, October 25, 2007

President Tours Fire Damage...and Says Nothing...As Usual...

Bush's California fire speech transcribed by Big Dan. What I did here, is play the video below and quickly type what he said...what's the fucking difference???

Bush's California fires speech with Schwartzenegger, as written by Big Dan:

(it's funny if you read my transcription first, and then watch the video...OR...funnier yet, if you read my transcription WHILE watching the video...I guarantee you'll laugh your ass off!!!)

"Many have been moved, lot of good citizens praying, leadership of Shwartz, got a big problem, appreciate leadership, willing to lead, govt provide help, thank politicians, important for me to see, there's suffering & losses, appreciate firefighters, police maintain order, medical helped sick, proud to be here, resources will be deployed to help you, listen to concerns & respond, feds will help, emergency grants, lots of help, we got a 4-star gen who runs norcom, he needs stuff, rebuilding effort, remove debris, apply for temp housing loans, # to call help: 800-eat-shit, go to website, mobile disaster recovery center, Shwartz is right, fires gonna go out, still needs, we're not gonna forget you, better day ahead, life's gonna be better, we're gonna help ya. Thanks. Neighbors need help, thanks, God Bless, God bless our country."

What's the difference between what I wrote and what he said...what he always says? the difference!!!!!!!!! He says the same shit every time, and says nothing!!!!! Does everyone get this by now???????????? What's wrong with you???



And they play soundbites on the radio! Like, "There was a fire here!" "God Bless!"


He shows up at a disaster, and says things like, "The Police are policing...the medical people are medicalling..." What the...........?????????????

Does anybody get this??????????????????

He actually said, "We got a 4 star general here. From north com.. He's here to listen to you." He should've added, "And he's generalling!"

CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!! Are we all retarded?????????????? Who writes his speeches, a 2nd-grader???

Headlines on CMSM websites say things like, "Bush: There's a Better Day Ahead", "Bush: Fires Are Gonna Go Out", Bush: "We're Not Gonna Forget You", "Bush: God Bless"...sounds stupid..BUT THAT'S WHAT HE SAID! What else are they going to put? But let's stop pretending he said something!

Remember Bush on Katrina? "There's a lot of water here. It's gonna go away. God Bless. I used to drink a lot here in college. Heh heh heh!"

Far be it for ABC to have a headline, "President Bush Talks To Us Like We're Retards"!

Bush At The Fires

Stay tuned for part II of this skipping record...when we find out a year from now, people didn't get the help they needed and Bush's cronies made billions "helping out."!!!
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