Saturday, October 20, 2007

An Open Letter To Chinese Buffets

Chinese buffets...will you PLEASE go back to the way you were? Sherlock, Drumbo, and I were going to you for years for our weekly Saturday "Chinese meetings". We loved munching on your CRAMS while complaining about the government and many other things. It was a given, that we would get top quality succulent CLABS, won ton soup, and many bins full of other Chinese treats. You're deserts were good, too!

Why did you have to go down hill and make us have to think of a different place to go each week for our "Chinese meetings"? It's not fair! Can't you go back to the way you were, and just charge more money?

Can't a new Chinese buffet open, and charge more, but always have quality CRAMS where you don't have to wait in line when the CRAM bins are empty? This causes fights, you know!

We love Chinese people, and your CRAMS! We'll forgive you for calling the cops on us that one time! It was a misunderstanding! We'll pay more! Just go back to the way you were! We miss you! We don't want the "#6 Beef With Broccoli"...we want the CRAMS!

There's 2 ways to make more money: Lower the quality, or charge more money. Please consider the latter...WE'LL PAY IT!!!

There's a lot of Mexican restaurants opening up in our area, you don't want us to start going to them, do you?
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