Sunday, October 28, 2007

Two Interesting 1-Hit Wonders

I saw this show on VH1: "One Hit Wonders", and thought I'd toss out these 2 interesting videos.

1. 1985-Mary Jane Girls: "In My House"

I actually bought this single years ago, I still have the single! I like the song, never saw the video until this VH1 special. I do like funky songs like this, "Play That Funky Music", some funky Sly Stone songs, and groups with a funky sound like Level 42, Prince, and Beck. This song is actually written by Rick (Super Freak) James, bitch!!! I didn't know this, either: "Mary Jane" was Rick James' favorite drug, and this band was his creation! The Mary Jane Girls very quickly disbanded due to the drugs, violence, and jailtime of Rick James. But yet, years later, successfully marketted girl-groups like the Spice Girls, patterned themselves after the Mary Jane Girls. They are all moms now and in their present day interviews, they were very, very nice women with great senses of humor! They said if they didn't disband because of all the turmoil, they would've been on lunchboxes, t-shirts, the Spice Girls were! You can tell Rick James wrote this song (bitch!). Love him or hate him, he wrote 2 killer songs: this one and "Super Freak"! I actually think this song is better than "Super Freak"! Don't get the Mary Jane Girls confused with Prince-offshoot girl groups...this is Rick James, bitch! And I like the video. Hmmm...I wonder why...can't figure it out! Something very attractive about this video!

2. 1976-The Andrea True Connection: "More More More"

I've heard this song a million times. What didn't I know? Andrea True was an X-rated porn star before releasing this video! Did you know that? Apparently a lot of people did, according to the commentors on VH1. I didn't! Duh!!! In fact, it showed her in one of her X-rated videos (naughty bits blacked out on VH1, of course) having sex and passionately screaming, "More More More"! That must've inspired this song...ahem...sorry, I had to clear my throat for a second... Also, it showed a clip from one of her X-movies of a guy saying, "I thought you were a red-head" She replied, "That won't matter with the lights off!" So, now there's new meaning to her lyrics, "Get the cameras rollin', get the action going, More More More, how da ya like it? How da ya like it?" This song will never be the same for me after knowing this! How do you like your love?

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