Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hey! Did you hear? WWII vets are dropping like flies!!!

This week in my local yokel papers, the Times Leader and Citizen's Voice, they both ran word for word syndicated stories about the need to expand Arlington cemetary, where war vets are buried. I love it when these "rival" newspapers have all these same word-for-word articles!

Here's the article:

It's the same everywhere: my local yokel newspapers, national newspapers, the it doesn't matter which link I use for it.

Now they could just expand the Arlington cemetary and not tell us about it. But obviously people would notice them expanding Arlington cemetary. So, of course they must issue a press release about it. But they could just simply tell us that they are expanding it, but then people would start to wonder, "Why?".

So, in the article telling us about the plans to expand Arlington cemetary, the reason they give is this:

"The expansions are, in part, a response to the deaths of members of the country's World War II generation, about 16 million of whom served in the armed forces. The Department of Veterans Affairs says more than 3 million World War II veterans are alive." What if you were one of the few remaining WWII vets and you read this article? Would you be thinking, "Hey! They think I'm going to die soon! They're expanding Arlington cemetary for me!" Aren't they saying this?

Also, notice the "in part" part! The expansions are, "in part", due to WWII vets dying. In the same breath that they're telling us that 13 of the 16 million WWII vets have already died (most of them), they're telling us they're expanding the cemetary "in part" because of WWII vets dying.

What's the "other part"???

I have a few ideas what the "other part" is!

Maybe we need more room for the upcoming Iran War? It's called "planning ahead"...they're good at that, but only in instances like this!

Maybe there's more Iraq War funerals than makes sense in relation to the number of Iraq War casualties they're telling us?

How much of "a part" of the reason for expansion are the WWII vets, 1 %? They wouldn't be lying! That is "a part" of 100 %, right?

How come they're not telling us the "other part"? What is it? Just wonderin'...

Maybe they should make the WHOLE TOWN of Washington DC in to one big cemetary, with these bastards running our government!
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