Saturday, October 13, 2007

Michelle Malkin: Don't Get Your "Vaclav"'s Mixed Up!

In her embarrassing attempt to smear Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Michelle Malkin googled the internet to find someone...ANYONE...famous, to use as her 3rd party infomercial testimonial as an "expert" against Global Warming and could only find.......VACLAV KLAUS!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! That bastion of truth, "expert" on Global Warming, VACLAV KLAUS! The president of the Czech Republic.

Now, don't get your Czech Republic presidents named "VACLAV" mixed up, Michelle! Because the Czech's FIRST president's name was also "VACLAV"! VACLAV HAVEL! And if your finger which you used on your mouse to google VACLAV KLAUS is still working, you will find that Vaclav Havel had accused your Global Warming infomercial "expert" VACLAV KLAUS of being a "capitalist gangster":

"Czech President Václav Havel publicly referred to Klaus' economic policies as "gangster capitalism" and blamed the prime minister for perceived corruption surrounding his policy of voucher privatization and his côterie of close allies such as the dentist, politician, and entrepreneur Miroslav Macec or StB honcho Václav Junek. Havel profited from the sale of his restituted properties, including a ballroom in downtown Prague, so his critics call him one of the major profiteers of the new gangster capitalism which he had decried."

So, Michelle, is this all you got? To trash Al Gore? VACLAV KLAUS?????????????

HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!!! Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize win must be KILLING resort to quoting VACLAV KLAUS!!!

And don't get your VACLAV'S mixed up! You might end up accidentally quoting VACLAV HAVEL, the first Czech Republic president who called YOUR "VACLAV"...a "capitalist gangster"!!!

In an aside note, can't the Czech Republic elect a president NOT named "VACLAV"??? Just askin'.................

BREAKING! John McCain, speaking from the Straight Talk Express and
not realizing who Michelle Malkin is, just called her a "gook"......
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