Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boy Sets Fire! (a great band)

Well, it's solved! A boy set the California fires! It was on CNN, CBS, FOX, all of them!

So, a juvenile boy told the police he set 38,000 acres of California on fire. How did that happen? Did he walk up to them, and say, "I'm the one who set California on fire? What if he was lying? I thought Al Qaeda did it! Does this boy work for Al Qaeda? I think there ought to be a law that little boys can play with matches (I did) and not have to worry about 38,000 acres of California catching on fire! What's going to happen to this boy?

If 38,000 acres could be set on fire by a spark, wasn't it just an accident waiting to happen? Right now, there are thousands of acres waiting to burn by a spark! Whose fault is that?

So, I guess it's "case closed"! A little boy did it! Let's put him in Gitmo! And not determine where the next couple of thousand acres will go off with a spark!

Do you think his favorite band is Boy Sets Fire? (My Space)

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