Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Lookin' For Some Good Buddies"....on HanniDate!

Anti-gay, anti-American brownshirt Sean Hannity, the self-proclaimed "conservative" and "Great American", has a dating service on his website called "HanniDate". It's the first place you want to go for a date, if you're an anti-gay, god-fearing, patriotic, Bush lovin', Republican lovin' conservative!

Well, being a creative thinker and hating Sean PropagHannity (or Sean KLANnity, if you prefer) and the whole reichwing media Klan, I went on HanniDate and entered into HanniDate's "quick search" box that I was "male looking for male", "age 18-80", 500+ mile radius from my zip code, and I found THIS:

(NOTE: this is for REAL, I cut/paste this from HanniDate, which no longer exists. Good thing I cut/paste this!)

Lookin' for some good buddies - click here

Lookin' for some good buddies

General Information :

I'm aganist the gays. i'm looking for some guy BUDDIES tojust horse around with and stuff. general macho guy stufflike punching in the shoulder for no reason and drink beerand agressivly wrasslin around in the yard or the livin roomfor no reason, but not gayly. i'm a southern baptist andi go to first baptist church. i'm thankful to God andPresident Bush and Jesus for all the blesings in my life.the word of God says that gays are not going to heaven whichis why i'm not gay... i mean, i wouldn't be gay anyways cawsit's sick and gross but... i'm just sayin, God says it'swrong, and i mean, who can argue with God? besides, it wasADAM and eve, not STEVE and eve! i like to go outwith my buddies or just stay in, whatever they want. i spendmy time watching football and Nascar and would like to finda good macho and confident buddy to go to Nascar andwrasslin with. i also like to arm wrassle, clear brush andburn the brush that i clear. I'm just lookin for a goodbuddy (or 2) to clear some brush with. i'd one day liketo get myself a little place out in Texas or Wyoming whereme and my buddie(s) might start us up a little cow and calfoperation. that's pretty much what i like. stuff where youhave to be pretty macho to do it. bungee jumping, chopinsome wood, rollercoasters etc. must be physically fit. nocoloreds, accept for blacks... oh, i also like girls.

Appearance :

i'm about 5'4"-ish (pretty much average height) and havepretty good muscle definition. i can bench anywhere fromabout 160 or 260. my buddies say i look like a cross betweenTom Selak and an American Jean Claude Van Dam. i also gettold i look a guy called harvey firesteen a lot, but i haveno idea who that is. but i know he's a big movie star. mybest features are my skin and my right side profile. mybuddies like to tease me by catching me with my left sideprofile showing (which I HATE!) my favorite clothesare my camerafloj. i like other guys who wear camo too. ijust respect'em is all. i wear camerafloj so that peopleknow i'm not gay.

Looking for :

i'm looking for some non-gay guy buddies who are Baptist anddon't believe in gayness and support president Bush. ifyou're interested in being my buddy it's important that youcan handle how agressive i can be. i like to horse around alot and i can be a downright ornery cuss. no fatties please.must be good with children.

Gender: Male
Age From: 20
Age To: 40

Relationship: Activity Partner


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