Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Admits "Phony Soldier" Served 44 More Days In Military Than His Zero Days

As we enter week 2 of Rush Limbaugh's trashing of American soldiers, he accidentally paid tribute to the soldier he's been trashing the most:

Rush Limbaugh: "...the phony soldier being discussed on this program since last Wednesday, Jesse MacBeth, was born as Jesse Al-Zaid in 1984. Now, he did something interesting in January of 2006. After he told all of these lies, after he lied about his Purple Heart -- the guy never got out of boot camp. He washed out after 44 days."
Thus, Limbaugh accidentally paid tribute to MacBeth by admitting that MacBeth served 44 days in the military service to Limbaugh's zero.
See more about the fat, cigar-chomping millionaire drug-addict propagandist here:
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