Thursday, October 25, 2007

President Bush Expected To Visit California Fire Area Today And Say Something Stupid

President Bush is expected to visit the devastated California fire area today and say something stupid and inappropriate.

On emergency 24-hour stand-by are:

- Jon Stewart and the Daily Show
- The Colbert Report
- Raw Story
- Winter Patriot
- Brad Blog
- Crooks & Liars
- AmericaBlog
- Huffington Post
- You Tube
- What Really Happened
- NYTimes
- Washington Post
- Code Pink
- Bob Greenwald
- Media Matters
- Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW!
- The INN Report
- Free Speech TV
- The Democrats
- Think Progress
- Countdown w/Keith Olbermann
- George Carlin
- Air America Radio
- Saturday Night Live
- Bill Maher
- The Onion
- Big Dan's Big Blog

Possibilities are that Bush will:

- Dance the Macarena and say he used to drink there in college.
- Mispronounce "California".
- Say the wrong state.
- Call the governor of California "Schwaschtigigger".
- Refer to "Iraq" as "Iran."
- Blame the fires on Iran leader Ahmadinejhad.
- Blame the fires on "the terrists."
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