Sunday, October 21, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Oct 21, 2007

Media Keeping Wraps On Air Force Mutiny?

9/11 Truthers Disrupt Bill Maher Show

Over 1,000 comments under HuffPo's Maher/911 Article

Brad Blog On Maher/911

PBS's Bill Moyers on Blackwater

Bush Could Bypass New Torture Ban

Latest from the Colbert Report

Oberman Points Out Disgraceful Limbaugh Video of Michael J. Fox (7 min video)

Limbaugh's Smear of 12-yr-old SCHIP Graeme Frost

Why Did The Foreclosure Crisis catch 'Experts' By Surprise?

Housing/Credit Problems Wreaking Chaos On Wall St.

Bush To Build Iraq/Iran Fence...not U.S./Mexico Fence!

Oral Roberts University Facing Huge Scandal

Tough Going For Anti-War Republicans

Comcast Blocking Customers' Internet Traffic

Syria Shuts Main Exit From Iraqi Refugees