Saturday, October 27, 2007

What Would The Millionaire's Corporate Nazi Media Do...If Hillary or Pelosi Did This?

Not that I like Hillary or Pelosi (I don't), but imagine if any of the women the Millionaire's Corporate Nazi Media hates, got their hands on pictures of them in Arabic "burka"'s???

Millionaire drug-addict Rush Limbaugh would have to have his illegal immigrant maid working OT over the weekend to score him some extra Oxycontin to make it until Monday! He'd be chomping at the bit so badly!

Michelle Malkin would be updating her blog, ready to post on Monday, "Here's your proof that Hillary/Pelosi/Cindy Sheehan is a terrorist!"

Hannity and O'Reilly would have their entire next week's shows written over the weekend! It would be an easy week for them!

FOX "news" would have 24x7 coverage of the pictures, stating "The 2008 election is over!" They might even have William Kristol on as a guest every single day of the week! (they almost do, already)

You could bet your house, if you haven't lost it already in the recent record foreclosures, that Rupert Murdoch's Nazi NYPost would have a picture of Hillary in a Burka, screaming the headline, "TERRORIST!".

This would serve as a dividing line for the Nazi Media: "Pre-Hillary-Burka-Pictures" and "Post-Hillary-Burka-Pictures"!

But...we'll hear and see nothing of the sort...because it's Laura Bush! Women who aren't part of the Millionaire's Corporate Nazi Media are too smart to do this...
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