Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Got Screwed Again At A Chinese Buffet!

Me, Sherlock, & Drumbo had our weekly Chinese meeting today. We call them Chinese meetings, even though we stopped going to Chinese buffets due to the decrease in quality and increase in price. Sometimes we call them "donut meetings" or "Big Lebowski meetings", too. I'm the Dude, Sherlock is Donny, and Drumbo is Walter. Once my son went to a Chinese meeting with us, and he said we were exactly like the "Big Lebowski" movie.

Anyway, what do you think this is below?

I was eating some beef & peppers, and Sherlock said, "Is that a funnel in your food?" It's a piece of beef shaped like a funnel! I said the above picture looks like a witch's hat! From different angles, it looks like other things. Below, it looks like a "horn of plenty."

Below, is the original angle, in which it looks like the funnel. Why did I bring it home with me? It's hard to find tiny funnels, and I needed one to refill my automatic shower cleaner bottles. YOU try and find a funnel that small!

The food was terrible, nothing was usual. I have a theory why we keep going back to Chinese buffets: We think of how good they are when they first open up, just to sucker you in, and you've got to forget about that! It was Drumbo's fault, he'll admit it, most likely in a comment later after I post this. Horrible food! Ughhhhh! Why do we keeping eating at Chinese buffets?

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