Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pope Sanctions Selling Of Wal-Mart Talking Jesus Doll

In a joint ceremony at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI, along with Wal-Mart officials, Paul Harvey, and a One2Believe spokesman were on hand to have the Catholic church officially sanction the selling of the new Wal-Mart talking Jesus doll. One2Believe is a California based company that makes and distributes the dolls.

One2Believe founder David Socha explains, "Do you think anyone can just make a Jesus doll and sell it at Wal-Mart? The evangelicals would be burning down Wal-Marts across the country! We were smart enough to get the Pope to buy into it, and as you can see, he's officially sanctioning the doll here at the Vatican. We're going by the rules of the Catholic church...so we can sell more dolls. They're available on Target.com, too, but in limited supply. There's a spokesman from Target.com here, too. Hey! Pope Benny sanctioned the new KFC Fish sandwich to sell during lent, so why not this? KFC was the pioneer of Pope-sanctioned products. Remember that jingle the Pope sang when he bit into the new KFC Fish Sandwich, and he said, 'Mmmm...sanctifyin'! Ain't no sin to eat the new KFC Fish Sandwich for Lent!"

Pope Benedict XVI: "I like the way the doll walks on water. How does it do that???"
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