Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bush LIED About Iran, And Ahmadinejhad Told The Truth

Let me be the first person in the United States to create an article with that headline. There! I did it! I did it because no one's doing it! Why isn't the corporate-controlled mainstream media (CMSM) doing that?

For months, Bush has been going around threatening that we should bomb Iran because they have "NUKE-yoo-LORE" weapons. Ahmadinejhad, the leader of Iran, said they don't.

Bush said that Ahmadinejhad is lying, Ahmadinejhad said he was telling the truth.

Well, it turns out that Bush was LYING! You know, the same way he lied about Iraq having WMD's! The NIE report from our own intelligence said that Iran did not have nuclear weapons and stopped trying in 2003. 4 years ago! Bush knew of this report, and he LIED about Iran having NUKE-yoo-LORE weapons! He LIED to us so we bomb Iran! And he went on TV and radio like an infomercial knowingly LYING, with all his Nazi Media thugs like Rush Limbaugh repeating this lie to their dittoheads! Rush Limbaugh is telling his dittohead idiots that the NIE report is wrong and we should bomb Iran, but they were right when they were wrong about Iraq! For those of you who are idiots, that means Rush Limbaugh is getting his orders from the military industrial complex, and pushes war no matter what! If you're stupid enough to believe him.

How come we don't think that's bad enough to impeach him? We impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a blowjob!

And Cheney lied, too! They're liars who have gotten over a million innocent Iraqi citizens killed, and tens-of-thousands of American soldiers killed and wounded!

Furthermore, the CMSM has been lying to us about OTHER things Ahmadinejhad has said. He NEVER SAID "wipe Israel off the face of the map"!!! I think I don't believe what the CMSM says! I think they also want us to bomb Iran, same as they did with Iraq!

I know! I know! We've all forgotten how to call liars...LIARS! Do I get some kind of "prize" for writing a headline, "Bush LIED About Iran"?????

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