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Big Dan's Big News Dec 15, 2007

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(bd: how many of these stories have you seen on TV or in the newspapers or heard on the radio???)

· Have Bilderberg Kingmakers Selected Perry for Giuliani Running Mate?; Globalist fingerprints cover frontrunners of both parties

· Giuliani firm made millions pushing data-mining program; Revelations about the far-ranging business entanglements of GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani continue to put the former New York mayor on the hot seat.

· What would it cost to buy the support of just about every nationally syndicated neocon talk show host in America? About $19.5 billion, which is what Mitt Romney's private equity firm, Bain Capital, and Thomas H. Lee Partners have agreed to pay in a leveraged buyout agreement with Clear Channel Communications, the largest radio station owner in the country. This is part of a negotiation that has been pending for over a year.

· The Justice Department's voting rights chief stepped down Friday amid allegations that he'd used the position to aid a Republican strategy to suppress African-American votes.; John Tanner became the latest of about a dozen senior department officials, including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who've resigned in recent months in a scandal over the politicization of the Justice Department in the Bush administration.

· JOHN 'MINORITIES DIE FIRST' TANNER RESIGNS AS DOJ VOTING CHIEF; Controversial Comments, First Reported by The BRAD BLOG, Lead to Re-Assignment at Office Which Oversees Claims of Discrimination in Immigrant Employment Practices; Civil Rights Division Staffers Reportedly 'Overjoyed', Though Suggest 'Incalcuable Damage' to Department 'Will Take a Very Long Time to Repair'...

· 'CRITICAL SECURITY FAILURES' LEADS OHIO SEC. OF STATE TO RECOMMEND BAN OF DRE (TOUCH-SCREEN) VOTING MACHINES; Result of State's First Ever Testing of E-Voting Systems Find All Systems 'Vulnerable' to Manipulation and Theft by 'Simple Techniques'; SoS Brunner Recommends Paper Ballots Optically-Scanned at County Headquarters for Buckeye State...

· Billionaire Bailout: Central Bank Socialism and America's True Values; It is not exactly news that the Western world's fetishized "free market" is actually a mixed economy, combining cradle-to-the-grave socialism for the rich with ball-breaking, bomb's-away capitalism for everyone else. This truism was on naked display once again this week as the central banks of the United States, Britain, Switzerland, Canada and the Eurozone announced plans to provide almost $100 billion in taxpayer money to save their banking brethren from the consequences of their own greed and stupidity. (bd: Don't forget! Boys & Girls! When Billionaires get Billions in govt welfare, it's called a "BAILOUT". When YOU get $50, it's called "WELFARE"!)

· Countrywide Financial said on Thursday foreclosures had doubled in November, while late payments continued to rise amid the US subprime housing crisis.

· There is an old saying that goes something like “If you owe the bank a large amount of money you have a problem, but if you owe the bank a huge amount of money the bank has a problem”. This neatly sums up the situation now existing between the world superdebtor, the United States, and the rest of world. By suddenly ramping its money supply still further and dropping interest rates in an effort to avert a credit crunch, the US has thrown down a gauntlet to the rest of the world and has effectively said “The collapsing dollar is your problem - and if we go down we’ll take you all with us, so you‘d better help out or it‘s your funeral”

· World Stocks Plunge Despite Infusion; World stocks plummet after global banks take action in bid to avoid recession

· U.S. paid $32M for Iraqi base that wasn't built; The U.S. military paid a Florida company nearly $32 million to build barracks and offices for Iraqi army units even though nothing was ever built, Pentagon investigators reported (bd: that's a nice report! see all this $$$ wasted in all these articles? THE "CONSERVATIVES" ARE IN POWER!!! they saves us a lotta $$$, don't they?).

· Senate Votes $696 Billion More For Death And Destruction

· Next-Gen Travel Sites Find Better Deals, Faster; Yahoo FareChaser clear winner over older Travelocity & Expedia...(bd: BOOKMARK THESE SITES IN YOUR "TRAVEL/VACATION" BOOKMARKS!!!!!!!!!)

· Tape destruction proves torture; The CIA's destruction of videotapes showing the interrogation of terror suspects gives more reason to fear that detainees face torture, a UN human rights expert said Thursday.

· Bush Admin Asks Judge Not To Investigate CIA Tapes

· Remember the guy Democrats Schumer & Feinstein APPROVED for Attorney General to replace Alberto Gonzales? Well, now he's stonewalling the CIA torture tapes investigation!

· GOP Senators Block Bill To Ban Torture

· Is Blackwater the Private Mercenary Army of the Oligarchy? In a democracy, or rather a corporate oligarchy, it does not matter what the people want, who they elect to office, or what they vote for

· Unlike orphans in many countries in the world, most Iraqi orphans lost their parents around the same time and under horrible circumstances. In addition to their desire for compassion and care, those children need to overcome their sad memories and make a new beginning in life. Recounting her traumatic memories, Halima, a nine-year-old girl who is living in a public orphanage, said that she lost her parents in a blast that ripped through a local market in a Baghdad neighborhood.

· Boeing Installs High-Energy Laser On Laser Gunship Aircraft

· Only One Thing Unites Iraqis: Hatred of the US; War on Iraq: The Americans will discover, as the British learned to their cost in Basra, that they have few permanent allies.

· LOL! ABA drops Alberto Gonzales’s ‘Lawyer of the Year’ title, after giving him the award! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

· Christian "Ex-Gay" Movement Grows, Brainwashing Thousands; The anti-gay Christian Right's "sexual reorientation therapy" has ruined countless lives. Can it be stopped?

· White House Press Secretary Dana Perino: It's awkward/audacious having non-FOX media at "president" Bush's holiday news media parties!!!!!!!!!!

· Rogue Domain Name System Servers; Most Internet users automatically use the DNS servers of their ISP. DNS-changing Trojans silently modify computer settings to use foreign DNS servers. These DNS servers are set up by malicious third parties and translate certain domains to fallacious IP addresses. As a result, victims are redirected to possibly malicious websites without them noticing it. For example, if a user wants to view, a rogue DNS server may resolve to an IP address controlled by an unknown third party. If that third party creates pages that look exactly like those of Google, the user might think that he is browsing Google indeed, without noticing that he is actually visiting a website controlled by somebody else than Google. This may cause the user to leak sensitive information to third parties.

· WIRED Has a sexdrive section? I didn't know that! Hey! They're a pretty good website!

· Watch Over 2,000 Channels Of Television; With NO Monthly Fees! (bd: IS THIS FOR REAL???)

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