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Big Dan's Big News Dec. 29, 2007

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Time to point out that everyone should bookmark AlterNet, it has so many good articles, it's "off the charts"!!!

· Creeping Fascism: From Nazi Germany to Post 9/11 America; Ray McGovern, Consortium News; Americans today are seeing the same sheepish submissiveness that characterized Germany after the burning of the Reichstag.

· Bush in Your Bedroom; The ten worst appointees for reproductive freedom.

· Bush is set to veto the defense appropriations bill Congress passed that would help America’s vets. That’s bad enough but wait until you hear why.

· Navy JAG Andrew Williams Resigns Over Torture

· Vermont town seeks to arrest Bush, Cheney for 'war crimes'.

· Police State America - A Look Back and Ahead; The post 9/11 scheme was to ignore the law, go to war and destroy our civil liberties...

· Kansas GOP Chair Brags of Vote 'Caging' Efforts, Successes; End of Year Letter Describes Plan to Identify, Challenge Voters in 2008..."To date, the Kansas GOP has identified and caged more voters in the last 11 months than the previous two years!," brags Kansas GOP chairman Kris Kobach in his end-of-year letter. (bd: WAKE UP, PEOPLE! THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS THE ONLY PARTY THAT 24x7 IS TRYING TO DISENFRANCHIZE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS LIKE MINORITIES!!! IF YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN, IS THAT "OK" BECAUSE YOU'RE A REPUBLICAN???)

· Holt Takes Another Stab at Election Reform; Simplified Legislation Offers Money to Jurisdictions Who Wish to Move to Paper Ballots, Optional Audits...

· Watch this clip from CNBC and you'll have a better idea. Citi has more bad news, with rumors of 5-10% of the workforce being cut (10% is roughly 32,000 jobs!) and Bank of America won't deny reports of trimming the budget by removing soup, yes soup, from the cafeteria. They also have not denied the report that says they are no longer providing soap in their bathrooms. Yeesh. As if you didn't have to be cautious enough when shaking their hands, now this. Equally shocking is CNBC's comments about how these moves only hurt the little guy. If true, this means that the greedy fools who took BoA into the can will be OK (no cuts there!) but the regular workers are all being asked to sacrifice. Nice. It's interesting to note that only a short time ago it was US companies looking to buy into China and today, it's China buying into the US. Batten down the hatches...rough seas ahead. (hat tip AmericaBlog)

· The housing market plunged deeper into despair last month, with sales of new homes plummeting to their lowest level in more than 12 years. The slump worsened even more than most analysts expected, heightening fears that the country might be thrust into a recession. New-home sales tumbled 9 percent in November from October to a seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 647,000, the Commerce Department reported Friday. That was the worst sales pace since April 1995.

· 2007: 50 Most Loathsome People

· Pakistan government skips autopsy, shifts story on how Bhutto died; Violence and recriminations grew Friday over the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, as Pakistan's government changed its account of how she died while her supporters charged that the government withheld personal protection she'd requested.

· Revealed: Pakistan hosed away evidence at Bhutto attack scene, violated law requiring autopsy...

· Aides: It's a cover-up

· Witness: Musharraf police left their posts before attack -

· US May Intervene In Investigation Of Bhutto's Assassination

· Bill Kristol is rewarded for being “wrong” on everything: NY Times gig is a comin’. William “the Bloody” Kristol gets rewarded with a gig by the NY Times for being a neocon—warmongering—psycho. The MMSSSMMM RULES! (bd: In MY opinion, William Kristol is one of the people really running this country behind the scenes! He's an extremely dangerous man with his power and anti-middleclass & poor "philosophies", his father Irving Kristol is known as the "Father of neo-conservatism", William Kristol is one of the top people responsible for ruining America!)

· Kristol’s lies, distortions, and hawkish proposals are notorious. A sampling of the views that New York Times readers may now be reading on a weekly basis

Democracy NOW! (DN!) on DISH channels 9410 & 9415, and DirecTV channel 375:
Greg Palast Reports on the Battle Between Indigenous Ecuadorians and the U.S. Oil Giant Chevron

Investigative Journalist Greg Palast files this report from the rainforests of Ecuador, where an indigenous tribe is suing Chevron for $12 billion for contaminating the Amazon. We also play part of Palast’s interview with Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa.

DN! transcript or DN! video

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