Friday, December 7, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Dec 7, 2007

(bd: you're about to see the all-time funniest TRUE headline EVER! ready? grab onto your floatation device, get ready to call in sick for work from hysterical laughter, because...)

· Backup 'Grump' mascot for defunct Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons baseball team gets 11 to 27 years in jail for sex-related charges."

(bd: not to be confused with the "Starting Grump" from a team that actually exists!)

· Military Families Turn On Bush

· Countdown Special Comment: The NIE Reflects An “Unhinged, Irrational Chicken Little Of A President”

· CIA destroyed videotapes of interrogations of al Qaida captives

· Katrina victims storm city meeting; Residents fear being priced out of neighborhood by razing/rebuilding.

· Vote God 2008; Religion a Factor in Election Like Never Before in Modern Era

· Hilarious But True: Bush Reads Wrong Phone Number in Speech

· How Conservatives Manipulate People Into Voting Against Their Best Interests

· Bush's subprime mortgage plan helps many, but not all (bd: How come they won't tell us the income breakdown of the families affected by this??? If anyone has seen ANY statistics of a breakdown by income of families, please post it here!)

· Election Integrity on Trial in Pima County: Day Three Summary; A Courtroom Report as Pima County Democrats Seek Public Records Access to Diebold Election Databases

· In 2007, Black Box Voting embarked on a year-long investigative series examining elections in what we call the Moonshine territories – reputedly the most corrupt local governments in America. What we found has staggering implications for the design of American election systems as a whole. Our current system only works if we trust every human link in the chain. In this report we will knock the concept of trust-based elections out the window.

· Frustrated with ineffective immigration enforcement and often under considerable political pressure, a growing number of states, counties and cities are requiring their law officers to help detect and deport illegal immigrants rather than rely on federal agents.
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