Sunday, December 23, 2007

Big Dan Exclusive Interview With Mike Huckabee/New CD

(CD cover for Mike Huckabee & the Huckster's "Floatin' Cross")

Big Dan's Big Blog has an exclusive interview with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, and we'll also ask him about his new CD: Mike Huckabee & the Hucksters/"Floatin' Cross".

BD: Nice to have you here, Mike.

Huck: Good to be here, Big Dan.

BD: Before we get into your new "Floatin' Cross" CD, I'd like to ask you about the accusations that the bookshelf in the background of your new ad looks like a cross floating across the screen. In fact, Ron Paul said, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." Ron Paul also accuses you of implying that the other candidates aren't "as Christian" as you.

Huck: That is absolutely false! That is not a bookshelf behind me, that is a floating cross. That's why I named our new CD "Floating Cross." Secondly, I am more Christian than the other candidates. Did you see crosses floating in back of ANY other candidate, but me? I am the only candidate with crosses floating behind him! I kept telling my campaign workers that there were crosses floating behind me, so when I shot this commercial, I suspected there would be a cross floating behind me. I'm glad the camera caught it!

BD: Can you talk about your statement that Jesus is helping you surge in the polls?

Huck: Yes. Jesus is helping me surge in the polls.

BD: Can you expand on that a little?

Huck: OK. Jesus is helping me surge in the polls...and Jesus is NOT helping the other candidates surge in the polls.

BD: Are you saying Jesus wants you to win the election?

Huck: Yes. Don't forget, I'm a Baptist minister. Me and the "Prince of Peace" are like THIS (crosses his fingers together)! A vote for anyone else but me, is a vote against Jesus!

BD: Let's talk about your new CD. The name of your band is "Mike Huckabee and the Hucksters". You do know, that the word "Huckster" is a derrogatory term?

Huck: NO! Aren't they the people who Huck corn out in the mid-west? I was trying to identify with the midwesterners!

BD: That would be corn-HUSK-ing, like the Nebraska CornHuskers...

Huck: Oh, crap! Are you kidding me???

BD: The song, (I Can't Get No) Crucifixtion, the riff at the beginning seems to be a lot like the Rolling Stone's (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.

Huck: I thought of that riff way before those godless Rolling Stones did!

BD: And your song, Imagine (there's no separation of church & state) sounds a lot like John Lennon's Imagine...

Huck: Next you're going to say that "Floatin' Cross" sounds like Crosby, Stills, & Nach's "Southern Cross"...

BD: Well, I was getting to that...

Mike Huckabee & the Hucksters "Floatin' Cross" CD songlist:

1. (I Can't Get No) Crucifixtion
2. Imagine (There's No Separation Of Church & State)
3. Hey Judas
4. Floatin' Cross
5. Me & Jesus Down By The Schoolyard
6. Jesus Is Just Allright With Me (with Michael McDonald)
7. The Devil Went Up To Iowa
8. I Rebuke Thee
9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Preach Over You
10. Ain't Too Proud To Pray
11. Elected (with Alice Cooper)
12. Duh RNC Iz Bringun' Me Down (with Wu Tang Clan)
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