Friday, December 28, 2007

The Mysterious Lack Of Mainstream Media Coverage On The Writers' Strike

Whenever people band together to fight for their rights, you can be sure the CMSM (corporate mainstream media) isn't going to cover it as much as it should, and YOU won't know exactly what the fight is about. All you know, is that there's a writer's strike. And you wouldn't even know that, if Jon Stewart wasn't on reruns!

In the 80's, writers agreed to cut their home video residuals by 80$% to help the growing VCR market. It's been 20 years, and VCR tapes have led to DVD's and sales have soared, but the 80% paycut has remained the same. The writers of a DVD you buy for $19.99 get FOUR CENTS! And, with the advent of the internet and downloads, studio executives want to pay the writers the same 80's paycut rate. And internet residuals have more profit because there's no product to be made, shipped, and stored. Websites that make billions off advertizing while running shows for free (streaming video), refuse to pay writers ANYTHING!

Everyone's making $$$ off the booming DVD sales, the internet, etc..., except the writers. There's a lot of money being made off the creative backs of the writers, by people who don't deserve it, like business executives who have zero creative talent like the writers.

What's the writers strike all about? They want their residual rate which they agreed to an 80% cut in the 1980's to go up, and when their shows get played over the internet, they want the same residual rate as TV (not FREE!).

Who IS making all the $$$ off of the shows the writers write??? Not the writers!!!

The strike is all about the creators making money from what they created, and the non-creators not making all the money off of what the creators created!

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