Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bush Govt. Helps Turkey Bomb Iraq...Who We're Already Bombing...No Word On If Turkey Is Part Of "Coalition"

(george bush with maimed u.s. soldier)

The Bush government helped Turkey bomb Iraq. We're already bombing Iraq in the "Iraq War". But, for some reason the Bush government just helped Turkey bomb Iraq. We say "bomb the Kurds" instead of "bomb Iraq", but I think Kurds are Iraqi's. I think in WWII we "bombed the Bavarians", right?

Also, I don't know if Turkey is in "the Coalition" because the Bush government, as far as I remember, never mentions "the Coalition" anymore...let alone Turkey being in "the Coalition".

You know what? I think the Iraq War is 5 years old, isn't it? Remember when the Bush government guys, Cheney, Rumsfeld, & Bush...Wolfowicz, etc...said Iraq had "Weapons of Mass Destruction"? Yeah, remember that? And they didn't? Well, now we're helping Turkey bomb Iraq...

HEY! Remember that "Mission Accomplished" thingy a long time ago? I was just thinking about that! Remember that? Yeah, that was a while ago...

OH! YEAH! Did you see on TV? Bush keeps saying we should bomb Iran! I saw that on TV......

Oh, another thing...I think we tortured this guy somewhere...we torture a lot of guys.;..
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