Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Consumer Advocates: "What Is Wal-Mart Talking Jesus Doll Saying?"

Consumer advocates are complaining that Wal-Mart's hot-selling talking Jesus action figure is using children to invade homes with rightwing talking points. Wal-Mart, the RNC, FOX News, and the religious right are calling them "tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists."

But consumer advocates claim that the phrases that Wal-Mart "talking Jesus" says when you pull the string on his back are inappropriate for children:

· "I shop at Wal-Mart"
· "I really do talk to Mike Huckabee"
· "It's just a mean old rumor that Pope Benedict XVI was in the 'Hitler's Youth' program"
· "The Democrats are for the terrorists"
· "I told George Bush that it was OK to bomb Iraq"
· "Only a tattle-tail would tell on your priest"
· "Torture is a sin, except if you torture Muslims"

Mom and Wal-Mart shopper Sylvia Jones (on right) said, "I began to suspect something, when my 5-year old said, after playing with the talking Jesus doll, 'Mommy...what's a Democrat?'"
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