Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting Ripped Off With An Unjust Overlimit Fee: PRICELESS!

On my credit card statement, notice the lines highlighted in red. On Nov. 13, I charged $39.55 and went a few dollars over my limit. I regularly check my finances online, noticed it the next day, and on Nov. 14 paid $50 online. A billing didn't hit until Dec. 10. So, when they ran a billing Dec. 10, I was under my limit, but they charged me a $39.00 overlimit fee. I called them and asked why? They said that, unbeknownst to me, my Nov. 13 purchase (which they should've rejected, but then they wouldn't make a confusing $39.00 overlimit fee almost a month later, would they?) put me a few dollars over the limit. So I got an overlimit fee even though 1) they allowed the purchase to go over the limit, and, 2) I was under the limit at billing time Dec. 10. I noticed this, because I was $35 overlimit and the "mysterious" $39 overlimit fee is what really put me over the limit! They were "unclear" as to whether their overlimit fee is what put me over the limit, or the Nov. 13 charge! They ended up reversing it, because I wouldn't stop arguing with them. I wouldn't hang up! I said, "WAIT! You just said the fee was for going over on Nov. 13, why did you let the transaction go through? And I paid $50 the very next day! You're fining me $39 a month later, for being a couple dollars over the limit and catching it the next day? A month ago? Are you CRAZY??? And $39??? When did it go up to $39? Are you going to charge $100 soon???" And so on and so on...finally, they said, "OK! WE'LL REVERSE IT! JUST LEAVE US ALONE!"

Posting Date Description Category Amount
December 10, 2007 OVERLIMIT FEE NOV 13, 2007 Other $39.00
December 07, 2007 CAPITAL ONE ONLINE ACH PAAuthDate 07-DEC Other ($40.00)
November 24, 2007 JAD'S PLACE AT TRIBECA PITTSTON PA Dining $60.30
November 23, 2007 CAPITAL ONE ONLINE ACH PAAuthDate 23-NOV Other ($20.00)
November 21, 2007 JOES KWIK MART 225 Q17 PITTSTON PA Gas/Automotive $40.40
November 20, 2007 CAPITAL ONE ONLINE ACH PAAuthDate 20-NOV Other ($35.00)
November 14, 2007 CAPITAL ONE ONLINE ACH PAAuthDate 14-NOV Other ($50.00)
November 13, 2007 PILOT Pittston PA Gas/Automotive $39.55
November 12, 2007 REDNER'S WAREHOUSE PITTSTON PA Merchandise $20.34
November 10, 2007 KMART 3266 KINGSTON PA Merchandise $8.44

Update: here's another one they do to you. My daughter (Litte De) had a $6.98 balance in her checking account on 12/10. Two items came in on 12/11 in red: $2.52 & $7.78. They could pay the $2.52 one and only bounce the $7.78 one for ONE $20 fine, but look what they did! They took out the LARGER purchase FIRST so the SMALLER one would bounce, too! And then they get TWO $20 fines! IE: If multiple items come in on the same day, and the TOTAL of them causes an overlimit, THEY SORT THE ITEMS SO THEY MAKE THE MOST FINES!!! The proof that they PURPOSELY do this? The smaller charge was on 12/10, so that's before the 12/11 larger charge! Even if they went by date, the smaller charge should've been first! So they purposely sort it higher first!

Posting Date Description Category Amount
12/12/2007 OVERDRAFT ITEM FEE FOR ACTIVITY OF 12-....-$20.00 $56.68 12/12/2007 OVERDRAFT ITEM FEE FOR ACTIVITY OF 12-....-$20.00 $76.68 12/12/2007 Online Banking transfer from CHK 8109 Con..$50.00 $96.68
12/12/2007 Online Banking transfer from CHK 8109 Con..$50.00 $46.68
12/11/2007 CHECKCARD 1210 WENDY'S #304 Q25 SCRANTON...-$2.52 -$3.32
12/11/2007 CNS RITE AID C 12/11 #000035391 PURCHASE...-$7.78 -$0.80

12/10/2007 CHECKCARD 1206 BORDERS BOOKS 01004423 DICK.-$2.53 $6.98
12/10/2007 CHECKCARD 1204 CHINA KING SCRANTON PA 24..-$11.08 $9.51

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