Saturday, December 1, 2007

Michelle Malkin Lays A Big Fat Fart...Again!

Michelle Malkin, the rightwing "writer" who writes like a 2nd-grader, is deperately trying to start hate stories that aren't working for her lately. The racist Malkin's latest Muslim hate-o-rama story she's deperately trying to float has ended with a big, fat usual. Trying to whip her fellow racist idiots readers (like Jeb 'n Jeb) into another anti-Muslim frenzy, she's following the huge (ahem) story of the Muslims protesting the teacher in the Sudan who allowed a classroom teddy bear be named "Mohammed." She's concerned with what they're naming "teddy bears" in the Sudan...not the genocide.

To bad that nothing is going to happen to the teacher! OOPS! Sorry! No story again for you, asshole!

Her latest "update" on the story is that there is a pardon in the works. Her latest update should be: "I STINK!" I know you were hoping the teacher was executed or at least got lashes, so you'd have a story! Why don't you do a redux on Fallwell's evangelicals picketting the purple telletubby?

Recently, Dittohead brothers Jeb 'n Jeb Babaweenee (photo on right) who are Michelle Malkin fans, as well as Rush Limbaugh fans, discovered that Malkin is, according to them, a "gook".

Jeb 'n Jeb were recently interviewed by this blogger on their shocking discovery:

Jeb: "We wuz on Mushell Stalin's website, and we wuz wonderin' what she looked like. We luv her becuz she's fer duh troops and aginst duh terrists 'n Hitler 'n stuff."

The Other Jeb: "Yeah! Hitler 'n duh Demmycrats 'n stuff! But we ain't never seen a pitcher of her, me 'n Jeb wuz wonderin' if she's hot 'n stuff! Maybe we could go on uh date 'n stuff wit hur...'n Jeb? Hur name's not Muchell Stalin, it's Mushell Stalkin'........BAA....DUH.....WAY! Den we seez a pitcher of her 'n she's a GOOK!"

Jeb: "Yeah! Me 'n Jeb don't take too kindly ta GOOKS! We ain't expectin' dat becuz we hate everythin she hates: Muzzlums, nigger-o's, 'n stuff, 'n soze we thunk GOOKS, too!"

The Other Jeb: "Yeah! 'n den we seez she's one uh dem slanty-eyes GOOKS! Wazzup w/dat???"

Jeb: "Yeah! We wuz thunkin' maybe sheez Rong about everytin' else, too! No wunder she had a pencul on her homepage instead uh hur pitcher! She don't want no one knowin' she's a GOOK!"

The Other Jeb: "I tink McGyver called her a GOOK, too!" (Jeb punches the other Jeb in the head)

Jeb: "Ya ain't yoozin' yur brain! Dat wuz John McCann who called her uh GOOK!" (the other Jeb punches Jeb in the stomach)

The Other Jeb: "Ya gots ta quit punchin' me in duh head! I'z gettin' mixed up lately! 'n dizzy 'n stuff frum yooze punchin' me in duh haid! Wut wuz we talkin' about?"

Jeb: "I dunno! Muh stomach hurts..."

(bd: Note! Michelle Malkin is proof that Nazi Media grooms/finances "writers". She is such an immature, childish, LOUSY, stinky, sucky writer, someone "behind the scenes" in the billionaire's Nazi Media has got to be financing her! She should NOT have a job as a writer, and they are DESPERATE to "groom" new Nazi Media writers. She SUCKS as a writer! Cannot speak! And is totally EMBARRASSING! Further proof that the billionaire's Nazi Media is behind pushing inept idiots like her, is the fact that she actually gets on TV! She definitely doesn't merit this based on her ability, that's for sure! So, who's putting this asshole on TV? I'm a better writer than her! And I'm just fucking around on a free website just for fun! And I'm not a writer!)
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