Monday, December 31, 2007

Bush Addresses "Reckless Homeowners"...again...

President Bush: Remember my address when I exposilized that "reckless homeowners" took advantage of lenders to cause this foreclosure crisis with subliminal mortgage lenders? Well, now you won't believe this! Now I'm exposilizin' that the Rolling Stones are "reckless homeowners" who additionally, not only took advantage of the subliminal lenders, but they took advantage of the lobbyists, congress, and subliminal companies such as AmeriQuest Mortgage, and Arnold Schwartzekegger, better known as Mr. Freeze. (secret service whispers in Bush's ear, same guy as "My Pet Goat"). Sorry about that, the Rolling Stones are not "reckless homeowners." I meant the Americans losing their homes to foreclosure. Replace "Rolling Stones" with "Americans losing their homes to foreclosure" for everything I've said such far. These AMERICAN (pauses, looks at secret service guy) "reckless homeowners" are ruining America by taking advantage of subliminal lenders, lobbyists, congress, Arnold Schwartzekegger, and the Rolling Stones (looks over at secret service guy again). They must be stopped! I think they're terrists! Only terrists would do these things. I'm proposing a new law to safeguard the subliminal lenders, lobbyists, congress, Arnold Schwarzekegger, and the Rolling Stones. This law will give them immunity from being sued by these terrists losing their homes. We have to protect these fine Americans from the terrists. Not the ones losing their homes, I mean the other ones. I'm asking you to fall for this shit again. Thank you.
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