Sunday, December 16, 2007

Local Activist Tim Grier Bushwhacks Luzerne County (NEPA) Commissioners During Debit Card Debacle

Wilkes-Barre political activist Tim Grier said Tuesday he would not withdraw complaints against Luzerne County’s plans to borrow up to $93.5 million, which officials say could cause a shutdown of some county services in January.

This happened AFTER Luzerne County officials were well into the debit card debacle, in which it was revealed that county officials had run up over $40,000.00 in charges for many questionable purchases, many with no receipts handed in at the time the story broke the news, on Luzerne Couty issued debit cards. There seemed to be little or no tight control over the officials using these county debit cards. The secret service is now involved in this investigation.

Tim Grier cannot challenge the legality of Luzerne County’s plans to borrow up to $93.5 million because he doesn’t own property in the county and doesn’t have a “direct financial interest” in the matter, attorney Peter Moses claims in briefs filed for the county.

My thoughts on attorney Moses: He's pulling some obscure law out of his ass, basically saying that Tim Grier doesn't have the same rights as other Luzerne County residents, BECAUSE HE RENTS! He LIVES here, but doesn't own a house, so he doesn't have the same rights that I do? What kind of BULLSHIT is that? What this tells me, is that Luzerne County officials told attorney Moses to comb every sentence of every law in Luzerne County, and find something to throw out in the newspapers to scare Tim Grier! And this is the best they could do? Didn't they find the law, "If it's a Tuesday, and your grandparents were from Italy, and they owned chickens, you can't file a complaint"??? It looks like Tim Grier doesn't back down to any scare tactics, though.

He states: “While I do not own property in the county, I do live in Luzerne County, and I am required to pay various fees to the county for various services that I require,” Grier said Friday in an e-mail to The Citizens’ Voice.

Good for you, Tim Grier! I just hope you're as legit as you seem to be, and you don't have an ulterior motive. What is suspicious to me, is that he met with Republican minority commissioner Steve Urban before he launched this bushwhacking. Tim Grier SEEMS to be on the up-and-up, time will tell.

Tim: Nice tatooes! And nice bushwhacking while the debit card debacle was going on!

What is extremely suspicious about both of these cases, is that they both broke into the local news just after the recent county elections. Not a word before the elections. Very suspicious to me!

I really, really hope that 33-year-old Tim Grier is who he apears to be: a non-partisan political activist holding the county officials' feet to the fire! No politicians are above any questions from the public!

Grier claims the county failed to obtain “realistic cost estimates” for projects and failed to give “a clear description” of them. I have a question: "Why can't county officials provide realistic cost estimates with clear descriptions for the $93.5 million they are borrowing?" Wouldn't that just end this whole thing? Doesn't that mean they don't have realistic cost estimates with clear descriptions??? Or they would simply provide them, and not shut down county government??? Aren't they saying, "We would rather shut down Luzerne County government...rather than provide realistic cost estimates with clear descriptions"??? What the hell is going on here???

More on Tim Grier:

Luzerne County election officials agreed Wednesday to ask the district attorney to file a misdemeanor charge against a Wilkes-Barre man who stayed in an election voting booth for 30 minutes as a protest on Nov. 8.

Who is Tim Grier, the uneducated might ask? Well, he's like Lyndon LaRouche, but with even less power.

Citizen's Voice: Who is Tim Grier? Some believe Tim Grier is a watchdog. Others think he’s an attack dog. For the last two years, the 33-year-old South Wilkes-Barre resident has been alleging corruption in local government and making news for his activism. Grier, an Army veteran and a senior American studies major at Pennsylvania State University, moved to Wilkes-Barre in 2003. He unsuccessfully ran for mayor and city council in District A last year. He received 1,466 votes when he sought the Democratic nomination for mayor. He spent only about $400 on his campaign.

Times Leader: Political outsiders see Grier as big ally
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