Thursday, December 13, 2007


We had a big snow here today in NEPA!

Here's some of my "snow memories", figure out which are adult memories and kid memories:

- My dog following the path I'm digging, as I'm digging it.
- Snow takes you back in time. I think of all the great times I had in the snow as a kid.
- Sleighriding, frozen to death, and not caring!
- Ice-Skating!
- Building a bonfire when you're skating!
- Hockey with the neighborhood kids!
- Snowball fights!
- Snowball fights with my dog!
- My dog trying to rip my gloves off as I'm having a snowball fight with him!
- Sleighriding on anything! Cardboard, saucers, your rear-end!
- Cleaning the snow off your car!
- Qik Joe ice melt! (look it up, it's an NEPA thing)
- Forgetting to take the leaves out of your gutters, before the first snow. :(
- On rare occasions, ice-skating on the streets!
- Throwing snowballs at cars!
- Building snowmen!
- Rolling giant snow boulders until they were too heavy to push anymore!
- Building Snow Forts & Igloo's!
- Taking a wicked flopper in the snow...I mean where your back hits the ground before your ass does!

One thing that will never change, for any age: SNOWBALLS! I don't care how old you are, you're never too young OR too old, to stick your hand in the snow, make a snowball, AND THROW IT AT SOMEBODY!!! There's few things in life as fun as that!!! I know I can't help it! Definitely irresistable! Beyond anyone's control!

(post your snow memories in the comments box)
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