Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tim Grier Answers People's Questions

(futuristic picture of what it's going to look like Friday @ 10am @ Luzerne County Courthouse!)

After applauding local NEPA activist Tim Grier for bushwhacking the Luzerne County commissioners during their debit-card-debacle, with an unrelated complaint (good timing!) which is holding up $93.5 million in county borrowing due to Tim wanting to know exactly what they're doing with all that money (what's wrong with that?), I made this statement of reservation about him...having had my hopes dashed before, believing in people to good to be true:

"Good for you, Tim Grier! I just hope you're as legit as you seem to be, and you don't have an ulterior motive. What is suspicious to me, is that he met with Republican minority commissioner Steve Urban before he launched this bushwhacking. Tim Grier SEEMS to be on the up-and-up, time will tell."(click on this for original article)

Tim was kind enough to reply in the flesh on my blog:

Big Dan,

I just stumbled across your blog. A couple points:

I have no connection to Commissioner Urban or anyone else at the courthouse. I am just tired of getting ripped of, and I found a way to hold them accountable. Commissioner Urban just happens to be the only elected person that I haven't caught reaching for my wallet yet, and he is approachable, so I asked him for some info so I could make my case. That is the extent of his involvement.

I am glad you saw through the "he doesn't own property, so he's got no rights" ruse. I hope to slap that one down by the end of the week, and my fight will continue. Yeah, 200 years ago you had to own property to vote, too, but we realized what a $#*$#@* injustice that was.

If you or anyone you know can make it to the courthouse on Friday at 10 AM, I am planning on lecturing the thieves-that-be during the Commissioners meeting, and I could use a little applause in the background.

thanks/take care - t.g.
t.g. 12.17.07 - 10:38 am #

Do you hear that everybody? Tim will be at the Luzerne County Courthouse on Friday at 10 AM, planning to lecture the "thieves-that-be" during the Commissioners meeting, and he could use a little applause in the background! You better be there!

More on the Luzerne County shennanigans:

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