Monday, December 31, 2007

Wait A Minute! I Thought Bush Said Americans Losing Their Homes To Foreclosure Were "RECKLESS HOMEOWNERS"!!!!!!!

Remember Bush's speech about the "Reckless Homeowners"? And remember how the rightwing Nazi media like Rush Limbaugh & Michelle Malking & Sean Hannity were saying that the foreclosure crisis was the homeowners' fault?

Remember when I wrote THIS?


As state governments around the country were trying to regulate subprime lending practices that critics say were responsible for this year's mortgage meltdown, the subprime industry was spreading cash and gifts to lawmakers in a dozen states.

The Wall Street Journal's Glenn Simpson details the case of Ameriquest Mortgage Co., reporting the company worked with a married pair of DC lobbyists to spread more than $20 million in political donations in states considering subprime regulations. Ameriquest also handed out stacks of Rolling Stones tickets to lawmakers in eight states as well as to the campaign of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Did you get that? The subprime industry was spreading cash & gifts to lawmakers to allow predatory lending! Who were these lawmakers? Are they going to jail? Who were "the guys" spreading money and gifts? Are they going to jail? While 2+ million people are losing their homes?

MORE LIES!!! By Bush, Corporate America, Rush Limbaugh & the Nazi Media!!! LIES LIES LIES!!!

Rolling Stones tickets??? Arnold Schwarzenegger??? Fuck you, Rolling Stones AND Arnold Schwarzenegger!!! AND subprime lenders!!!

Beeg Don, vatch zis little girly maun...I zink Keith Richard's teeth...zey are vrotten!!! NO vunderbar he didn't zing!!! Unt zat zinging guy, he has makup on! Vat is vit dat??? Unt vy ur zey dressed in zailor zoots??? Zey look like ze little girlie men!!! Like you, Beeg Don! I vill freeze zem vit meinuh freeze gun!!! Like I did vor ze California firez!!! Zey ur schteenkin' up ze joint vor 35 straight years! Der vorst zen ze Miami Dolphins!!!

(...would it be enough for your cheatin' heart?)

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