Monday, December 24, 2007

Big Dan's Big News Dec. 24, 2007

· When Giuliani stepped down, he needed a warehouse. Under an unprecedented agreement that didn't become public until after he left office, Giuliani secreted out of City Hall the written, photographic and electronic record of his eight years in office — more than 2,000 boxes.

· Giuliani Claims It Would Have Been ‘Impossible’ To Give 9/11 Firefighters Working Radios.

· Americans are falling behind on their credit card payments at an alarming rate, sending delinquencies and defaults surging by double-digit percentages in the last year and prompting warnings of worse to come.

· Consumer Advocates Suggest Giving Cash, Not Gift Cards

· Immigration takes center stage in Iowa; The topic reverberates through town hall meetings and Republican debates, with candidates scrambling to outdo one another in getting tough on illegal immigrants as they compete for fed-up voters who constitute a broad and vocal chunk of the GOP political base.

· Billions Wasted On Pakistan Aid..."Sweeping Setback" in Search for Osama

· Former CIA Official May Seek Immunity In Exchange For Testifying In Tapes Scandal

· If Tobacco Regulation Works, Why Not Regulate Marijuana? If we really want to control marijuana and keep it away from kids, why not try a method that actually works?

· 16 Secrets the Restaurant Industry Doesn't Want You to KnowWe scrambled behind the counters, dug under the drive-thrus, and plunged into the deep fryers to find out what's really going into our meals

· Cynthia McKinney, a former six-term Congresswoman and an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq, today officially launched her campaign as a Green Party candidate for President. In a video news release, McKinney says "the Republicans have deceived us; the Democrats have failed us. It is time for a new beginning: A time for hope to rise from the ashes of despair."

· Iraq The Hidden Story

· Google Spiders

· 9/11 Truth vs Mainstream Media; This video was recently removed from YouTube. I suggest you save this video on your local hard drive because it will probably be removed again! Many celebrities now speak out their doubts regarding 9/11! How long can Mainstream Media ignore 9/11 Truth?

(below) FOX attacks the environment:

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