Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Did Our TV's Go Black/Silent During Obama's Final Statement?

In the previous thread, I "live blogged" in the comments during the debate between Obama & Hillary from 8pm to 10pm, if you wish to read them (it was unplanned, I wasn't even going to watch it, but my wife shamed me into it! I was checking on baseball scores, and she started yelling at me...). I even commented on every single commercial during the "debate"! There were a lot of "irregularity" commercials and sleeping pill commercial! What's up with that???

One peculiar thing about the debate: My wife and I were watching it on 2 different TV's, and during Obama's final statement, our TV's went black/silent!!! Did that happen to anyone else??? We have DISH satellite television. Did that happen across the board to everyone? Did anyone else notice this???

The thing I got from the debate, is that according to the moderators, our two biggest problems we have are the Capital Gains Tax and our Guns Laws!!! Not the war, health care prices, low wages, job loss, and kids going into $100,000.00 college debt!!!

When they were on education and another important subject (I can't remember which subject right now), the moderators kept saying, "We're running out of time!" They spent a lot of time on Obama's pastor, the elitist thing, and Obama knowing some guy named "Aires" (spelling???). I guess that'll be Rush Limbaugh & WILK's Steve Corbett's shows tomorrow...we're done with Obama's lapel pin, Obama's pastor, Obama smoking, Obama bowling, Obama being an "elitist", etc.....
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