Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 5, 2008

The Clintons: Stick a fork in them, I think they're done!



WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Clinton made nearly $109 million since they left the White House, capitalizing on the world's interest in the former first couple and lucrative business ventures.


Special commentary by Big Dan: "Remember Bush and the Republicans wanted to privatize social security? They wanted you to invest it in the stock market? The NOW CRASHING stock market??? Where's the story on THAT, NYTimes??? How about a "what if" article? "What if" Bush & the Republicans got their way with privatizing social security, what would've happened in this crashing stock market??? (see Enron for what the value of YOUR social security would've been!)"

● (bd: Read this from 2006...he'll try and screw us with social security before he leaves office...BELIEVE ME!!!) Bush's Social Security Sleight of Hand


John "Straight-Talk Express" McCain being BOO'd while apologizing 20 years later, for voting against making Martin Luther King Day a holiday..."He was against it...before he was FOR it!" btw...he has a black man holding the umbrella over him...REAL SMART, JOHN! That's a story in itself, that corporate media isn't telling you: THERE ARE ZERO BLACK REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS! WHERE did McCain find a BLACK REPUBLICAN???

Michael Barone of U.S. News & World Report:

"Someone once asked me if I knew any black Republicans. "Sure," I said. "I know all the black Republicans." An exaggeration, of course, but the fact is that black Republicans in public office are scarce. With the retirement of Rep. J. C. Watts of Oklahoma in 2002, there are now no black Republicans in Congress."

The "Maverick" voted against MLK Day at around age 50!!! It's not like he didn't know better!!! Keep saying that you were in the military, John!!! To "distract"...Maybe he voted against MLK Day at age 50...because he used to be in the military?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

"Truth-mongers" Democracy NOW! do it again! Best coverage of MLK on 40th anniversary of assassination:

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Note: Special thanks to BlueBear. I emailed him and asked him how to combine 5 Democracy NOW! video's into 1 video...and he sent me the code with instructions how to do it. He does it all the time on his great music site BlueBear's Music Vault. Check it out! You can click on one of his videos, sit back and relax or even go to sleep with it on, and it will keep playing song after song after song the energizer bunny! And it's not political! It's just music, so don't be afraid to go there if you LUV me!!! No one on the tubes of the internet(s) has done anything like it, as far as I've seen!!!


Other news:

Bushie Doug Feith: We invaded Iraq because we were afraid they'd attack us. (bd: Who's "WE"??? Do you have a rat in your pocket???)

Another Voting Machine Company on the Ropes, Says It May Be Forced Out of Business, as Indiana Slaps MicroVote. Could be Banned from Doing Business in State for Five Years After Missing Recertification Deadline Prior to 2006 Election...

Sitting in this week for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, David Bender joins Ring of Fire co-host/attorney Mike Papantonio to discuss, in the first five minutes of the show, the finally-unsealed qui tam fraud suit brought by Pap and RFK Jr's law firms against voting machine company Hart InterCivic, on behalf of former employee/computer technician turned whistleblower William Singer.


Law Professor: "Bush ordered War Crimes"

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