Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 19, 2008

White, Catholic Priest defends Rev. Wright (Obama's pastor); FOX "news" goon fails to get damaging soundbites for O'Reilly's "Take A Spin In The No-Facts Zone" show; watch how he gets progressively frustrated with the priest:


The New Yorker: Project Trinity. The perilous mission of Obama’s church

(thx 99 for lots of the info)


Congressman introduces bill to decriminalize personal marijuana use


Clinton Slams Democratic Activists At Private Fundraiser

Reaction among progressive bloggers has been swift. She slams MoveOn, a grassroots organization founded to defend her husband when he was president!!!

Clinton said Obama's complaints about questions posed to him in their televised debate on Wednesday night raised doubts about whether he was tough enough to stand up to the scrutiny of the presidency. (bd: Keep it up, Hillary, with your devisive Republican-like're only turning off more voters!)

35,000 at rally for Obama in Philly

Obama takes big national lead over Clinton in Newsweek poll: 54%-35%

Secrecy! McCain camp refuses to release Cindy McCain's taxes!!!

White House DEFENDS NAFTA!!!!!!!!!!



Wait a second! I think I'm with Skrepenak on this one! Skrepenak (Democrat) & Urban (Republican) vote to extend deadline for absentee ballots, and a host of "characters" are against this? Why? Why don't these people want more votes to count? There's a record number of voters this year, and Skrepenak & Urban voted to accommodate this unique condition! Who ARE these anti-democracy people against this? What's going on here? These anti-democracy people want absentee ballots received on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday...BEFORE the election...TO BE THROWN OUT! WHY? The original "law" is ridiculous in the first place! And HELLO! Maybe the mail was slow because it was the WEEK OF SENDING IN YOUR TAXES - APRIL 15TH!!!

Skrepnak taking "smart pills" on this one:

Skrepenak questioned why absentee ballots from military personnel serving overseas could not only be received past the state deadline, but up to one week past Election Day, as long as they were mailed prior to Election Day.

“(Voting) is one of our most basic fundamental rights,” Skrepenak said. “I believe we should encourage rather than discourage.”


So, who are the people fighting to stop all the votes from counting? Is it "too much work" for them?

Cabal of "democracy-haters" fighting to throw your vote in the garbage can! They're against Skrepenak & Urban wanting absentee votes that come in before the election to count!!!


Special commentary by Big Dan: "They should teach kids in high school how to sift through all the propaganda in the corporate media, because they're making FOOLS out of all of us!"
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