Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Apr 7, 2008

Reality opens up another front against "the surge is working" propaganda:

3 US Troops Killed, 31 Wounded in Iraq. BAGHDAD (AP) — Suspected Shiite militants lobbed rockets and mortar shells into the U.S.-protected Green Zone and a military base elsewhere in Baghdad on Sunday, killing three American troops and wounding 31, officials said.The attacks occurred as U.S. and Iraqi forces battled Shiite militants in Sadr City in some of the fiercest fighting since radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered a cease-fire a week ago. At least 16 Iraqi civilians were killed and nearly 100 wounded in the fighting, according to hospital officials.

...but Petraus isn't "down for the count" yet!

From Democracy NOW! news:

Report: US No Closer to Achieving Its Goals in Iraq

A new report by the US Institute for Peace says the United States is no closer to achieving its goals in Iraq than it was a year ago despite the so-called surge. The authors of the report conclude, “Without political progress, the US risks getting bogged down in Iraq for a long time to come, with serious consequences for its interests in other parts of the world.” The study was written by the same experts who advised the Iraq Study Group. The report said lasting political development could take five to ten more years if the US remains fully committed to Iraq. The report was released on Sunday, just two days before top US commander Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker are scheduled to brief Congress on the war.

Don't expect any stories from the corporate media, like with Obama, that Condi Rice is "unelectable" because she's black!!!

Woman who scared us with "mushroom cloud" propaganda, Condi Rice, 'actively campaigning' to be VP

Iraq's growing legions of widows (because of Busho, btw...) suffer loneliness, ostracism and poverty


Other News:

ABC: In Oregon, Clinton Makes False Claim About Her Iraq Record Vs. Obama's (bd: Can't Hillary stop lying??? I ask of thee???)


Iran to OPEC: Stop Oil Sales in Dollars

Protesters crash Olympic torch party in London

France shocked by attack on Muslim war graves

Siegelman on 60 Minutes: Karl Rove has succeeded in ruining political career



In 1999 McCain admitted that he was wrong to vote the way he did. He told NBC's Tim Russert, "on the Martin Luther King issue, we all learn, OK? We all learn. I will admit to learning, and I hope that the people that I represent appreciate that, too. I voted in 1983 against the recognition of Martin Luther King… I regret that vote." The 1983 vote, HOWEVER, is the not the end of the issue. In 1987, Arizona's Republican Governor repealed the state's recognition of King; McCain supported the decision. He changed his mind in 1990, when a King holiday was put to a vote in the state.

Crazy McCain backer gives $6 million to Israel. JERUSALEM - American evangelist John Hagee, who called the Catholic church the "great whore", announced donations of $6 million to Israeli causes on Sunday and said that Israel must remain in control of all of Jerusalem.

Watch Reverend Hagee, who backs John McCain, and John McCain graciously accepted his endorsement!!!

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